Axial Vector Energy Corporation (OTC: AXVC) is a publicly traded company and global solutions provider engaged in the development and licensing of a revolutionary internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies that possess great potential in the military, industrial and commercial sectors. Axial Vector and their partners have positioned the company to become an established leader in international engine and energy markets with technologies that produce more efficient, cost effective, environmentally sensitive, and versatile solutions for use in a wide array of important applications that span the globe.

The Axial Vector engine is ideal for military applications for a number of reasons which include greater fuel efficiency, smaller size, decreased weight, the presence of fewer operating parts, and an unmatched weight-to-horsepower and weight-to-torque ratio. The military and commercial applications represent a vast near-term market opportunity for the AVEC engine and GENSETS. Currently, the Axial Vector engine is being taken through various tests pertaining to its future use on mobile military platforms and for fulfilling various military propulsion and other needs.

Unlike many gasoline-fueled engine technologies, the Axial Vector engine was specifically designed to run efficiently on multiple types of fuels, a rather important benefit to the U.S. military since they have been directed to phase out the use of all gasoline-powered engines within the next few years. The list of fuels the Axial Vector engine can run on include diesel fuel, kerosene, bio-diesels, JP5 and JP8 military fuels, ethanol, and a blend of these fuels. Also available is a special conversion kit for the combustion of natural gas or propane.

Additionally, the consumer automobile market offers significant potential for deployment of AVEC engine technologies. Important benefits like improved gasoline mileage and significantly reducing emissions will be compelling reasons for the technologies adoption. The same digital FADEC control system employed in military versions of the engines can be utilized in automotive applications to constantly monitor and maintain optimal engine performance. Versions of the AVEC engine can also be deployed for a variety of consumer and commercial appliance applications such as refrigeration and air conditioning, for which substantial amounts of electric power are currently being used.

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