Axial Vector Energy Corp., developer of innovative high-efficiency engines, motors, and power generators, has an unusual problem. There are turning out to be enough different benefits and potential applications of its technology that it’s becoming difficult to know what to focus on.

Just in the field of commercial applications, there is an enormous near-term market for AVEC engines and GENSETs (engine/generator combinations for producing electric power). Due to their revolutionary design, AXIAL internal combustion engines are more fuel efficient, making them attractive to any operation concerned about fuel costs. The design requires fewer operating parts, which helps reduce maintenance.

They are also smaller and lighter, for a given power output, which makes them useful for vehicle and mobile applications. Increased gas mileage and reduced emissions are increasingly compelling reasons for adoption of the new technology, not just for cars and trucks, but also for tractors and other industrial vehicles and equipment.

As if that weren’t enough, they can run on a wide variety of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, bio-diesels, JP5 and JP8 fuels, ethanol, and, with minor conversion, they can even run on natural gas or propane.

Scaled down versions of the AVEC engines and GENSETs can also be used for refrigeration and air conditioning applications, in which substantial amounts of electric power are currently being used. The engines are already being tested for use on mobile platforms and various other commercial applications.

For military deployment, the combination of the efficient Axial Vector Engine and AVEC electric generators (GENSETs) provides a number of potential uses. One of the product’s key features is the fully integrated digital control system, including control over a wide variety of parameters, such as engine speed. The system is also satellite-communication capable, allowing it to be remotely monitored and diagnosed. This is especially useful for geographically wide-ranging or inhospitable military environments.

In short, AVEC engines, motors, and generators are far more efficient and economical, plus run on almost any type of fuel and are environmentally friendlier. Sure, it’s a problem when there are so many opportunities you could point resources at. Then again, it’s the kind of problem every CEO in America wishes they had.

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