Axial Vector Energy Corp. develops and licenses revolutionary internal combustion engines and electric power generators that operate more efficiently and economically, on multiple fuels, and with less environmental impact than comparable products. Based upon the company’s patent-pending “axial-flux” engine and generator set (GENSET) technology, Axial products are fully scalable, with almost unlimited potential for military, industrial, and commercial applications.

The original linear power transmission design concept was created by Dr. Karl Hermann during WWII, and was used by the Navy to power torpedoes. Later he was able to create an engine that was certified by the FAA for use in light aircraft. Today Axial Vector has the rights to the technology, and has moved to apply it to a wide variety of markets.

The company is developing a family of electric power generators that consume less fuel and can be made smaller than any other internal combustion generator. Axial also has the Axial Vector Gas-Cam Engine, a four-stroke engine designed for marine applications. It has substantially fewer parts, essentially eliminating the need for a transmission, is 50% lighter, and is half the size of conventional engines. All of this results in a dramatic reduction in maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

Axial is also in the final stages of development of a diesel engine, also capable of running on other fuels, which is lighter and more powerful than comparable engines, and requires far less maintenance. In fact, it has been calculated that, if the engine were placed in a standard truck and driven continuously at approximately 50 mph, you could expect to go 2 million miles before requiring an overhaul.

Another area of development is the axial flux permanent magnet electrical generator, capable of generating electricity at an amazing 97% efficiency. These unique generators, when combined with the company’s already economic diesel engine, results in one of the most efficient GENSET systems on the planet. Along the same lines, the company has developed ultra-efficient electric motors, spanning a wide range of power levels and operating at costs 30% to 50% less than standard motors.

The scalability and efficiency of all these products opens the doors to a multitude of industrial and residential applications, which has always been Axial Vector’s ultimate goal.

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