Axial Vector Energy Corp. has designed a revolutionary product line of high-power Axial Flux coreless electric generators that boast an incredible 98.5% efficiency rate in converting mechanical energy to electrical power. Because of their advanced design and high efficiency, the generators have virtually limitless potential in the high-end generator market.

Some of the many advantages offered by Axial Vector's generators include: lower installation and operating costs, computerized monitoring systems that continually identify and enforce ideal engine speeds and other engine parameters, an estimated 40,000 hours of run-time between major engine overhauls, small size and easy mobility, and the ability to run on multiple fuel types.

The generators can also be marketed in numerous high-value markets including backup generator systems, emergency generation during catastrophes, electrification programs in Third World countries, and motor power systems for high-energy-use consumer and commercial appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. With so many advantages over competing solutions and numerous high-value markets, Axial Vector is well positioned to become a dominate force of generator solutions.

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