Axial Vector Energy Corp. is a global solutions provider that owns, develops, licenses and invests in revolutionary engine and energy technologies. These technologies are expected to have widespread uses in various military, industrial and commercial applications.

One of Axial Vector’s joint ventures – PETRO AVEC LLC – has been invited and will present its technology at the Global Refining Strategies Conference in Houston, Texas on October 29-30, 2009. PETRO AVEC LLC is a joint venture between Axial Vector Energy (40%) and Petrosonics LLC (60%) to develop, finance and market Petrosonics’ sulfur removal technology globally.

The Global Refining Strategies Summit in Houston brings together the most knowledgeable and influential leaders in the refining industry from across the globe. It is the world’s showcase to explore strategies and benchmark the latest technologies to overcome the economic and environmental issues facing the world’s refiners.

Petro-AVEC CEO Dr. Mark Cullen stated, “With our global patent footprint now essentially complete, we will be introducing our sulfur removal and oil upgrade technology and results to the world. Third party data of our accomplishments as well as mass commercial deployment will also be presented.”

Chairman of the company, Mr. Ahmed Khalifa, said, “This invitation underlines the importance of efficient sulfur removal technology and being the pioneers in our specialized field of oxidative desulfurization and heavy crude upgrade. We are pleased to accept the invitation for a presentation to showcase our technology to the oil industry professionals who will be present at this important event.”

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