International regulations mandate near zero sulfur fossil fuels. It is becoming increasingly difficult to meet these demands, reaching the technical limits of current technology and refinery capacity. As the world’s crude reserves become heavier and more sulfur laden, it will become even more difficult. Axial Vector Energy has taken the initiative to capitalize on this situation by forming a Joint Venture with Petrosonics, LLC of Reno, Nevada.

Moving the industry forward, Petrosonics, LLC has developed proprietary systems and methods for removing sulfur and nitrogen contaminants from crude oil and refined fractions, as well as systems and methods for substantially increasing the quality and available energy to be derived from crude oil and fractions thereof. The company also has cost effective methods for removing an intermediate sulphur component found in all oxidized desulphurization technologies.

Petrosonics, LLC has secured patent rights to its technology in the U.S. and all countries of the European Union, in addition to others in Hong Kong and Kazakhstan. The company also has patents pending in the U.S., Europe and 18 other industrialized countries around the world, with further patents that are in the process of being issued in all countries of the European Union, and further expected to be issued in Russia and other major industrialized countries and oil producing nations.

Petrosonics, LLC has dedicated its efforts to developing proprietary systems and methods that are substantially more effective and economical in removing contaminants from crude oil and fractions, as well as upgrading fuel quality that utilizes existing refinery infrastructure. The company’s joint venture with Axial Vector Energy will concentrate its development, sales and marketing efforts in the worldwide refining industry.

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