Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced that its new Joint Venture Company PETRO AVEC has lauched a website ( to educate customers and investors about its recently patented technology. Axial Vector is 40% holder of PETRO AVEC and will continue developing its proprietary technology for treatment of sour crude. The Joint Venture Company holds patents, among others, that have broad application for removal of sulfur and nitrogen in multiple refinery applications.

Mr. Ahmed Khalifa, Chairman of AVEC, commented, “This will be our access portal to the world’s environmental groups, oil and gas producers and governments all of whom recognize the importance of removing the sulphur from oil and gas as a paramount step that the world must take.”

He added, “With this Joint Venture, AVEC is now implementing its business plan quickly to clean the oil and the air we all breath, run it through our engines using much less of it, and then powering our generators to get 40 percent more power for the same input.”

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