Axial Vector Energy Corp. has a lock on technologies that feed into two of the most important fields today: increased engine efficiency for power generation and vehicles, and increased purification efficiency for the processing of oil. Both areas are driven by growing demand for environmental protection, and stand to gain from worldwide governmental support.

Axial develops and licenses advanced internal combustion engines and power generator technologies, in addition to supporting a patented sonic energy and oxidation process for the more cost effective removal of sulfur and nitrogen compounds from oil. The company’s prototype GENSET power generation product is designed to produce 200KW of continuous power, with an efficiency approaching 98%, a level that is normally only available in major utility sized systems many times larger. The system provides superior performance, increased fuel efficiency, and low noise.

Axial also produces coreless axial flux motors, which are much smaller and lighter than standard electric motors, and are over 95% efficient in converting electrical energy to mechanical motion. This is important, since electric motors are estimated by the U.S. Department of Energy to consume nearly 60% of all the electricity produced in the U.S., and many are relatively inefficient.

The Axial Vector digital engine design can also be used for vehicular propulsion. The technology can be applied to standard car designs to simplify or even eliminate the need for a transmission, and it can also be applied to gas/electric type propulsion, where a super efficient engine generates electricity to drive the car, capturing and releasing energy as needed.

In addition, through a joint venture with Petrosonics, the company now offers the world oil processing industry a more efficient and far less expensive way to remove sulfur from oil. The unique process uses high power ultrasound to reduce nitrogen, trace metals, and, most importantly, sulfur, and has a huge worldwide market potential.

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