Axial Vector Energy Corp. is a global company that owns, develops, licenses and invests in revolutionary technologies. These technologies provide a better way of doing things, an improvement on current technology.

One such example is Axial Vector’s work on the internal combustion engine and linear power transmission. Linear drive has unique properties in comparison to a conventional engine. In a linear drive there are two opposing pistons in every cylinder. The pistons in their cylinders are uniformly distributed around the circumference of the drive shaft and move back and forth in a smooth liner motion, parallel drive shaft. This is the axial transfer of energy from the pistons and is a balanced configuration.

In a standard drive there is only one piston per cylinder. The cylinders are located on one side and are perpendicular to the drive shaft. This results in an unbalanced engine. This condition is experienced as vibration or rocking when a car is started. The energy from the up and down motion of the pistons is transferred to the crank shaped drive shaft through linear rotational motion, to a bearing, and then it simply cranks the drive shaft. It is the rotational aspect of the piston movement in the standard drive, which causes engine wear, and a relatively short operational life when it is compared to linear drive or “Axial Vector Engines.”

Therefore, it can be seen that linear power transmission is ideally suited for high-pressure applications such as internal combustion engines since inherent characteristics of the reciprocating pistons move in perfect balance along the drive shaft, creating a simple harmonic balance. These “Axial Vector Engines” have fewer parts and are much lighter than conventional engines. They are also capable of doing more work than a conventional engine of the same horsepower.

The original linear power transmission design concept was conceived during World War II by Dr. Karl Herrmann and was used by the US Navy for their torpedoes. In 2004, Axial Vector acquired the rights to Dr. Herrmann’s intellectual properties and all engine prototypes. The company is using this “old” technology as a base from which they are designing “green” engines for today’s world.

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