Even though fuel costs have dropped significantly, energy is still a main conversation point for consumers. As it is an essential part of the next U.S. administration's platform, the development of alternative energy sources will continue to remain in the forefront of people's minds. Axial Vector Energy (AXVC.PK) should play a key role in transforming harnessed energy, such as wind power, into usable electricity.

Axial is a company that is focused on developing and licensing advanced internal combustion engines and power generators. The company's engineering team has confirmed that its Axial Flux generator has identified advantages when used with existing windmills for power generation. While windmills have been used for centuries, they have mainly been used in rural and agricultural areas for pumping, grinding, and other farming tasks. For practical use on a large scale, wind power is first harnessed by wind turbines and transformed by electrical generators into usable electrical energy.

The wind is currently the largest form of green energy being used worldwide, in places such as Denmark, Germany, Spain and India. Harnessing wind energy has a number of advantages over other alternative forms of energy. The first major advantage is that it is an ample resource that only requires a wind speed of 10 mph to be practical. It is also a renewable source that does not generate any pollution. Additionally, it is an energy source that is global and does not require one country to become dependent on another. It has theoretically been determined that if all the wind were harnessed, the world would have ten times more energy available than what we currently utilize.

When connected with an Axial flux generator, a windmill can be utilized even more efficiently. Compared to conventional radial flux generators, the Axial generator has a compact size and requires no torque during startup. A control panel can gauge the windmill until a desired speed is met to energize the Axial generator. If the windmill speed falls below the specified point, the Axial generator is de-energized while the speed increases. This technology allows a windmill to produce energy during low wind conditions, which can be a key selling point for areas that generally have low wind speeds.

The cost of producing wind energy has dropped significantly since it was initially developed in the 1980's. Now in conjunction with the Axial flux generator, more communities can take advantage of wind power.

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