Axial Vector Energy Corp. (”AVEC”) announced this morning that the news segment for the upcoming Fox Business TV show has been completed and is now available to investors on the AVEC YouTube business page. To view the video, click the following link

Spanning over approximately nine minutes, the video provides a complete overview of the company and its immediate future plans to commercialize its breakthrough engines and generators. In July, Host and Managing Editor of “Special Edition TV,” Ileana Bravo, interviewed AVEC representatives at their first United States-based live demonstration of the “axial flux” and GENSET technology power generating system. Footage from these interviews, demonstrations, and other sources was used to help deliver this story of advanced green technology.

Sanjai Chhaunker, President and CEO of AVEC, stated, “We have been informed that when the story airs on Sunday, September 27, 11 AM Eastern on Fox Business Channel it is slated to be the first story in the program as a result of the wide interest our engine is generating by being able to run on non fossil fuels as well as hydrocarbon fuels. We also are receiving numerous requests for copies of our news segment from other media outlets around the world which we are of course happy to provide.”

Ms. Bravo, Host and Managing Editor of “Special Edition TV,” commented, “The fact that this engine runs on bio-based oil as fuel is significant in several ways. Palm oils that are totally renewable fuel sources can be harvested from our Earth’s equatorial regions providing needed jobs and social development. Developing countries in these regions can now enter the world economic stage as a viable and important player. The environmental impact of using palm oil, as a fuel source is minimal, and this fuel source is one that you can literally drink. That is amazing.”

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