Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced this morning that it is proposing its Workhorse engine and ancillary generator solutions in response to the U.S. Army’s Efficient Powertrain Technologies Broad Agency Announcement (BAA),

Launching a four year program to develop new powertrain technologies, the Army is searching for a solution matching a diesel engine, a longitudinal transmission, and a high output optimized electrical generator device to provide exportable electrical power. The chosen solution must reduce fuel consumption, reduce noise, and operate on a variety of fuel combinations and mixtures.

According to the press release, this contract is anticipated to be funded $1.32M in FY10, $1.92M in FY11, $1.75M in FY12, and $2.01M in FY13.

Regarding the BAA, AVEC President and CEO Sanjai Chhaunker commented, “Our patented commercial Workhorse engines and generators are uniquely qualified for this effort and are fully corroborated by third party performance test data. We are confident that we can meet the Army’s requirements for an exportable power generation system capable of running inexpensively on a variety of fuel combinations and mixtures. Our solution will save the U.S. military years of research. We also believe that our equipment’s ability to operate in extreme desert and jungle environments will be compelling. We look forward to working with them.”

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