Axial Vector Energy Corp.’s products represent an enormous near-term market opportunity. The company makes products that are very efficient at converting energy from one form to another, an obviously marketable capability in today’s world. The Axial Vector engine, for example, converts chemical energy from a variety of fuels into motion, like a standard engine, but does it extremely efficiently due to its unique design.

The AVEC engine offers greater fuel efficiency, smaller size, and significantly lower weight than standard engines. It also has fewer operating parts, reducing maintenance costs, and has an unmatched weight-to-horsepower and weight-to-torque ratio. The engine is currently being tested for use on mobile platforms and other applications. One of the most important features of the AVEC engine is its ability to run efficiently on multiple types of fuels, such as diesel, bio-diesels, JP5 and JP8 fuels, and ethanol, as well as kerosene. A special conversion kit even allows the use of natural gas or propane.

AVEC also produces highly efficient electric generators, which, when combined with AVEC engines, result in GENSETs with an efficiency approaching 98%, normally available only with systems many times larger. These products are fully scalable, with a huge potential for military, industrial, and commercial application. Military applications in particular can benefit from the GENSET’s top-level control system, which allows fully integrated digital control of the GENSET. In addition, since the systems have satellite communication capability, they can be remotely monitored and diagnosed, allowing use in distant and inhospitable environments.

The automobile and associated markets, such as tractors, can benefit from the AVEC engine’s increased gasoline mileage, low maintenance, and reduced emissions, made possible by the design and the advanced control systems. Scaled-down versions of the engines and GENSETs can also be deployed in a variety of consumer and commercial applications, such as refrigeration and air conditioning, helping to reduce the enormous amounts of electrical power used nationally for this purpose.

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