Axial Vector Energy Corporation announced that it has chosen Muse Stancil to independently evaluate the most effective commercialization model for its Oxidating Desulphurization and Heavy Crude Oil Upgrading technology contained in its Joint Venture with Petrosonics, “PETRO AVEC”. Muse Stancil will also develop a business strategy to maximize the deployment of this innovative technology.

Intellectual property patents around the world are protecting PETRO AVEC’s technology for removing sulfur and nitrogen, with or without an aqueous phase, with or without an oxidizing agent and with or without frequency limitations on the sonic equipment at the wellhead, along a pipeline or in a refinery. Using high power sonic energy in a moderate temperature, atmospheric pressure environment, the process reduces sulfur, nitrogen, and trace metals in petroleum while also reducing oil density.

The process also increases API (American Petroleum Institute) gravity and volume. Sour crude (greater than 1/2 percent by weight sulfur) becomes less sour, and more useable product is extracted from a 42 gallon barrel of oil. In addition, the volume of treated crude oil expands. The process is fully supported by highly affordable, reliable, available, durable, computerized commercial off the shelf equipment from Germany.

AVEC Chairman Mr. Ahmed Khalifa stated, “Muse Stancil is the number one source of validated information to the refinery industry and we look forward to their Global assistance in rapid deployment of PETRO AVEC technology.”

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