Axial Vector Energy Corp. was pleased to announce today the nomination and finalization of its technology transfer contractor in the United States, EngineTec, Inc. The contractor has served as systems integrator for the engines and generators on behalf of Adaptive Propulsion Systems and will now work with AVEC to transfer the technology to the licenses.

The company also announced that it has planned an open house to demonstrate its engines and generators. All shareholders are invited to attend and invitations are being sent to manufacturers of cars, trucks, gensets, elevators, electric motors, environmental groups, state and local officials in Virginia, members of Congress and the Obama administration. The event has been scheduled for Tuesday, July 14th 2009 and will be held at EngineTec.

Axial Vector Energy’s engines will be run only on “Palm Oil”, showing the world’s first engine to create this power level on a non fossil fuel. Electric Motors capable of 98% efficiency will also be operated to show the enormous energy savings our nation could have by deploying these motors in mass quantities. The company stated that it wishes to share this technology in order to improve the energy supply market and bring clean fossil free power to the world.

It was also announced that the Gas Cam Engine 245hp 1140 ft lb of torque gasoline engine will now be shipped to EngineTec for production modeling in order to complete its contract on the first 200 engines which have been ordered for marine use.

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