Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced this morning that it has applied for Federal Grants and Loan funding to assist the co-ownership of an Engine and Generator production facility. The company has entered negotiations with several domestic companies and various state governments. Axial Vector aims to take advantage of the numerous incentives and benefits available to bring USA developed ‘ultra clean’ technologies to commercial production.

According to the press release, Axial Vector is well suited for acceptance because of its status of already having a production grade model and level 2 engineering package ready. Sanjai Chhaunker AVEC President and CEO commented, “With our recent successful demonstration of our completed ‘workhorse engine,’ we expect rapid market acceptance in the USA where there is a huge demand for clean multi fuel power using much less fuel and producing almost no carbon footprint.”

While a number of states are behind the company, Indiana, Michigan and Virginia have all met the first level of qualifications. Using 1/3 the parts and 25% less fuel than conventional engines, Axial Vector’s engines are an answer to many of the challenges facing the United States and Governments around the world.

One of the most important features of the double sided shaft AVEC engine is the ability to power a vehicle on one side of the engine while the other side powers a generator for on board internal and external power generation creating the ultimate self contained ‘HYBRID Electric Vehicle,’ which is simultaneously a large quantity portable electricity producer.

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