Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AVEC)’s Axial Vector engine is one of the leading disruptors of traditional combustion-engine technologies in the world today. With no major innovations in the industry for nearly seven decades, it is apparent to AVEC that change is desperately needed in a time when pressure to implement new and more efficient energy solutions is astronomical.

AVEC has partnered with Adaptive Propulsion Systems to develop the Axial Vector engine for military application. As per a standing agreement, Adaptive will cover development costs for AVEC’s Workhorse 7.2 multi-fuel engine. The company has exclusive rights to sell to the militaries of the U.S, NATO, and the governments of the Gulf Cooperative Council. All sales under this license yield AVEC a twenty percent gross sales royalty; Adaptive is then paid a five percent gross commission.

The Workhorse is just one of AVEC’s groundbreaking technologies. Others include the marine “Gas Cam” engine, a line of small electric motors for major appliances, and the company’s 200kw GENSETs (Generator Sets); considered to be one of the most efficient electric motor apparatuses in existence. While military applications play a major role in the usefulness of AVEC products, the technologies are certainly applicable to the civilian market as well.

It is absolutely critical that we begin to entertain new ideas that will propel us into the future of energy. More people are beginning to realize the urgency with which we must act to change our energy habits. If the efficiency of our planet’s gas-burning engines was improved by just a small margin, the environmental benefits would be astonishing. Axial Vector Energy is poised to do just that.

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