Energy is in the forefront of discussions in the US government and with consumers. Everyone seems to be seeking information on how to conserve energy, find alternative sources of energy, and new methods to store energy. Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK) is a company that owns, develops, and licenses proprietary intellectual property. The company has applied the technology to create smaller and more-lightweight internal combustion engines that produce more horsepower and three-times more torque than traditional engines of the same size.

At this time, Axial is developing the client-base for four separate technologies: a multi-fuel engine, a marine/aviation gas cam engine, 200kilowatt GENSETS, and a line of highly efficient small electric motors that can be used for major appliances. The line of small electric motors use two opposing pistons for each cylinder that move in a smooth linear motion, distributing a balanced and steady level of energy with less fuel per unit versus conventional models on the market.

Axial is approaching civilian consumers that use internal combustion engines (ICE) in boats, trucks, and power generators with their small electric motors. Amazingly, about 50% of all electricity produced in the US runs through electric motors, so the potential market for Axial is tremendous. The military is another major client that is investigating the use of Axial products in power production and mobile vehicle platform applications.

To ensure that military needs are addressed, Axial has partnered with Adaptive Propulsion Systems to develop possible military applications of its multi-fuel workhorse 7.2 engine. Adaptive also retains exclusive rights to sell products to the US military, NATO military forces, and the military forces of the Governments of the Gulf Cooperative Council, which includes the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Consumers and businesses continue to seek methods to conserve energy and become more efficient. As energy continues to be a major concern for many in the world market, the projected business success for Axial Vector is immeasurable.

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