We’ve heard about Axial Vector’s cutting-edge power generation technology, and the application of its advanced engines to everything from boats and cars, to aircraft. The truth is, the possibilities are virtually endless.

For instance, the Axial Vector engine is thought to be a sure-fire way of advancing the field of personal watercraft manufacturing. Having fewer components than conventional engines, Axial Vector’s system is far lighter than the competition without sacrificing horsepower. In marine applications, this decreases the overall weight of the vessel, resulting in a higher-powered craft. Jet-ski manufacturers who implement Axial Vector’s engine are sure to gain the upper-hand in their industry.

Another possible breakthrough use for AVEC’s technologies is the powering of specialized lifting systems. Whether it be cranes (like the ones you see loading cargo at a seaport), or passenger lifts, Axial Vector is ready to revolutionize lifting. Due to its coreless design, the Axial Vector Genset is the only electric motor on earth that can recover 95 percent of expended energy when run in reverse. What this means is that the power consumed by lifting an object is almost completely returned to the system when setting it down.

There really is no end to the areas of industry in which these methods can be applied. Axial Vector has worked tirelessly in developing ways to change the way we consume energy. In today’s world, there is hardly anything more needed than change.

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