Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK), a global solutions provider who owns, develops and licenses advanced internal combustion engine and power generator technologies that have unlimited potential in military, industrial, and commercial applications around the world, has trademark applications pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for protection of the mark AV and AVE.

Axial Vector Energy Corporation offers significant growth potential with its revolutionary engine and generator technologies. The company's Piezoelectric Liquid Injector is a fuel or liquid injector, which includes a needle valve and a piezoelectric actuator that bears a hydraulic acceleration piston on its distal end. The actuator expands moving the piston toward the needle valve. Expansion of the piezoelectric actuator mechanically actuates the piston, and then increases the hydraulic pressure, which closes the fuel check valve, and accelerates the forward movement of the piston attached to the needle valve.

Another one of the company's potential growth products is their Barrel-type Internal Combustion Engine. This product includes an engine that includes a main drive shaft defining a longitudinal axis; a sinusoidal main drive cam rigidly attached to the main drive shaft; a plurality of cam members that are in contact with the sinusoidal main drive cam; a pair of linear pistons disposed on opposite sides of the cam member for reciprocating linear movement within respective cylinder bores; and bearings disposed within the cylinder bores for maintaining the reciprocating linear movement of the pair of linear pistons within the respective cylinder bores in a direction parallel to the longitudinal axis.

Axial Vector Energy Corporation currently has 10 patents that have either been filed or are in the process of being filed, and certain design patents have been registered in jurisdictions outside of the United States.

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