Axial Vector Energy Corp. owns, develops, finances and licenses advanced next generation energy technologies that have tremendous potential in industrial and commercial energy-related applications around the world. The Axial Vector engine converts chemical energy from a variety of different fuels into motion, but much more efficiently than a standard engine.

In addition to the company’s revolutionary engine technologies, Axial Vector has designed a new family of high-power, high-efficiency ‘Axial Flux’ electric generators. In combination, Axial Vector’s engine is designed to be seamlessly integrated with two 100 kW Axial Flux generators in order to create a 200 kW generator set (GENSET) that is expected to become the company’s first commercially marketed product.

The commercial applications for the company’s engine and GENSETs are enormous. The Axial Vector engine has many advantages including: its smaller size and weight, fewer operating parts and lower maintenance, an unmatched weight-to-horsepower and weight-to-torque ratio, its greater fuel efficiency and its ability to run on multiple types and blends of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, ethanol, bio-diesel, JP5 and JP8 fuels, and it can even be converted to run on propane or natural gas.

One important application for the company’s engine and GENSETS is in military deployments. One key feature is the GENSET’s top-level control system, which is known as the FADEC – Full Authority Digital Engine Control – system. This control system enables fully integrated digital control of the GENSET, including a wide variety of operating parameters. Because the system is satellite-communication capable, the GENSETs can be remotely monitored, which is a critical feature for geographically wide-ranging and often inhospitable military environments.

Axial Vector’s engine technologies can also be used in non-automotive applications including tractors, forklifts, loaders, and farm and forestry vehicles. Versions of the company’s engines and GENSETs also can be deployed in a scaled-down fashion in a variety of consumer and commercial appliance applications like refrigeration and air conditioning, in which substantial amounts of electrical power are being used every day.

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