Axial Vector Engine Corp.'s family of high-power “Axial Flux” coreless electric generators is capable of reaching 98.5% efficiency in converting mechanical to electric energy. The company's Axial Vector Engine is designed to be seamlessly integrated with two 100 kW Axial Flux generators to create a 200 kW generator set (GENSET) that is expected to become AVEC’s first commercially marketed product.

Currently, the global market for under one megawatt of power is estimated to be at $14 billion. According to the company, their systems produce power at a much lower cost and are able to operate on multiple fuel types, reducing the dependence on foreign oil sources. The GENSETs' ability to run on diesel, jp8, jp5, biodiesel, vegetable oils, etc. makes the technology incomparable to existing power producing technology.

Earlier last year, Axial Vector stated in a conference call that it is able to price the one-megawatt mobile power platform at $247,500, which is approximately 25% less than the current market leaders. Now that the company has finished all of its placements, it believes it can produce several thousand megawatts in a reasonable time and far shorter than the lead-time for anyone seeking to contract for large installations.

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