In the last couple of years, much focus has been made about rising energy costs. The fluctuations in the price of coal, oil, and gas have turned many American’s thoughts on how to reduce their daily consumption of energy. The issue is not exclusive to the United States. Worldwide consumption of power is at an all-time high. Axial Vector Motors Corporation (AVXV.PK) has a line of high-power coreless electric generators that can increase the amount of power available to end-users.

Studies have shown that at least 50% of the electricity produced worldwide is consumed by inefficient electric motors. In China more than half of the electricity is used by electric motors. China currently produces more than 40GW of motors of which 90% are 0.55kW to 200kW three-phase motors. The motor systems built in China are vastly less efficient than those built in the United States and other developed countries. A typical four-pole 10 HP motor in China has an 87% efficient rate in converting mechanical energy to electrical power while the Axial generators have a 98.5% efficiency rate.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) has found that electric motors use about 60% of all generated power, while the refrigeration of homes and offices alone consumes almost 10% of worldwide energy. Electric motors in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems in commercial buildings often make up 50% of a building’s total electric cost. In 2004, the U.S. had an installed base of 183 million refrigerators, refrigerator-freezer combination units, and freezers that consumed more than one quadrillion BTUs or 1015 BTU.

In 2005, the DoE published its findings in “Technical Report: Analysis of Amended Energy Conservation Standards for Residential Refrigerator-Freezers”, which was used by the current governmental administration to address energy consumption. In an effort to address energy usage of heating/cooling appliances, President Obama and Congress recently passed legislation requiring energy efficiencies of 15%, which would increase to 25% at some later date.

Appliance Magazine recently published estimates on the increase of global large appliances, including an increase for washers from 51.8 to 55.7 million units and for refrigerators from 55 to 62.5 million units. 2005 YTD sales of motor-containing-appliances sold in the US were around 118 million units. Worldwide sales of these appliances with electric motors may exceed one billion units annually.

Axial has a line of high-efficiency products that can be configured into any motor driven appliance to reduce energy demands and, therefore, reduce usage costs. With the number of electric powered appliances worldwide, the integration of Axial motors into major appliances will only decrease the overall electricity consumed in each home, each building, and each city.