Relatives of the 20-month-old missing baby Ayla Reynolds said Monday that they were worried about the toddler’s safety while she was staying with her father.

Ayla was last seen Friday at around 8 p.m. in green, polka-dot pajamas when her father put her to bed. The next morning Ayla disappeared and her father Justin DiPietro reported her missing at approximately 8:50 a.m. from her home in Waterville, Maine.

Ayla was placed with her father by Welfare agents some weeks ago as her mother Trista Reynolds was in rehab for substance abuse, Reynold's stepsister Whitney Raynor said Monday.

Becka Hanson, Ayla’s maternal grandmother, told the Morning Sentinel newspaper that the Department of Health and Human Services took custody of Ayla and then turned her over to DiPietro.

Raynor said that it was after moving to her father’s home that Ayla suffered a broken arm.

“The girl’s broken arm was from an accidental fall,” said Waterville police Chief Joseph Massey.

On Thursday, Reynolds, who also has a baby boy, said that she went to court to regain sole custody of her daughter.

Reynolds told ABC's Good Morning America on Monday that in the last few weeks she and DiPietro have been unable to get along.

I've had no contact with him; he's had no contact with me. All I know is he's the last man to see my daughter, and all I want to know is where she is, she said.

As of now, DiPietro's phone number can’t be located and the police outside his house on Monday said he wasn’t there.