Azealia Banks is airing out her dirty laundry on Twitter after a video of an alteration involving the rapper and a flight attendant surfaced online Tuesday. The short clip shows Banks, 24, involved in a heated argument with another passenger after he allegedly put his hand in her face. When a flight attendant attempts to intervene Banks calls him a "f--king f----t" and storms off. After the video hit the Internet the "212" rapper took to social media to defend her actions.

In an angry string of tweets Banks stood firm in her convictions, telling followers that she does not tolerate "men putting their hands on me." She then sent a strong message to those who believe she was at fault in the incident, saying, "BUT OF COURSE. I told the man to hit me in my face right?" Banks told those reading her tweets she was not interested in hearing the opinions of those who doubted her innocence, calling their comments "fake outrage." In closing Banks expressed, as she has before, her plans to get a license to carry a gun.

"I'm gonna get my gun license cause this is just ridiculous. Yall n----s think I'm playing," she wrote.

According to TMZ, the video in question was taken on board a flight from New York to Los Angeles on Monday. A passenger sitting next to Banks told the publication the airplane landed just before 1 a.m. PST Tuesday. Based on their account of the evening's events, shortly after landing Banks ran for the door where she was being blocked by a couple removing their baggage from the overhead storage. The passenger claimed Banks tried to slide past the couple when the man extended his hand to stop her. She then reportedly spit in his face, punched him and ripped at his t-shirt. A flight attendant attempted to quell the situation, grabbing her bag and asking that she calm down. Banks is said to have jumped on a seat and yanking at her luggage, which eventually caused her to fall. The plane's co-pilot emerged from the cockpit to alert the female emcee that police had been called at which time she bolted off the aircraft. Authorities are said to have caught up with her at baggage claim where they informed her that the couple had decided not to press charges. 

Watch TMZ's video of the altercation below. Warning: the video contains NSFW language. 

This is hardly the first time Banks has ranted on social media. In fact, she's had virtual beef with countless celebrities including T.I., Lady Gaga, Pharrell, Iggy Azalea and A$AP Rocky, according to Complex magazine. On Sept. 2, not long after speaking out in defense of Nicki Minaj, the controversial musician took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the on-going feud between the "Anaconda" rapper and Miley Cyrus. She called their beef "a contest of the basics." 

Banks' Twitter profile has since gone private, allowing only those that were already following her to see what she posts. It appears that she has also lost her verification mark on the site, though it remains unclear whether that is a result of her recent fallout.