Azure Dynamics Corp. develops hybrid electric and electric components and powertrain systems for commercial vehicles. The company today announced that its established partnerships with various Ford dealerships in the U.S. have led to 12 Balance ™ Hybrid Electric shuttle bus sales.

Western Piedmont Transit in North Carolina ordered five Balance shuttle buses; the Michigan Department of Transportation sold two of the shuttle buses to County Connection in Midland, MI, and two to Roscommon County Transportation Authority in Roscommon, MI; one bus was sold to Tehachapi Valley Healthcare in California for use as an employee shuttle for the health care district.

The Balance shuttle buses encompass a range of body manufacturers working closely with Azure, including Champion and Glaval Bus.

“Our channel distribution strategy of partnering with premier body manufacturers and their dealers continues to build with these initial sales from Champion and one from Glaval Bus,” Jay Sandler, Azure vice president of sales stated in the press release. “Azure is collaborating with the premier body manufacturers who control a large part of our target market. These most recent successes are an indication that our strategy is working very well.”

The Kingston Hospital in Kingston, NY, also ordered a Balance shuttle bus; and Executive Coach Services in Etobicoke, Ontario purchased a bus to serve as a shuttle at an IKEA office complex in the area. Sandler said Azure’s sales team has been traveling across North America for the last several years to establish and build relationships, and that securing the sales is a materialized result of those efforts. The company is also receiving word-of-mouth and reputation-based interest.

“We’re particularly pleased by the fact that our phones are now ringing with inbound sales opportunities as well. As more fleets experience our quantifiable economic and environmental return on investment, we’re turning customers into advocates and our sales job becomes easier,” Sandler stated.

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