B Green Innovations, Inc., a “Green” company focused on the development of solutions to eliminate waste from the world’s environment, has issued a press release to announce that it has received the results from the degradation analyses on its 100% degradable/biodegradable trash and compactor bags. Testing was performed by Nor-X Industry AS of Norway.

The testing was arranged to evaluate degradation of white film by adding Renatura 101580 to it. The testing consisted of two samples of the white film, both containing Renatura 101580. The results from UV exposure showed the sample was completely degraded and brittle after 11 days. The testing with the exposure produced a completely degraded and brittle product after 30 days. More detailed reports of the testing can be viewed on the B Green Innovation’s website.

B Green is moving forward with manufacturing prototypes for their biodegradable bags to include compactor bags and tall (13 gallon) kitchen garbage bags. Founder of B Green Innovations, Inc., Jerry Mahoney, was quoted in the press release as saying, “We are excited about the results of the report and the findings that our bags containing the new cutting edge technology Renatura will disintegrate over a five month period. We look forward to making additional announcements on further developmental progress in the coming weeks.”

This press release comes just two days after B Green had announced that their VibeAway® product will begin selling on QVC, the world’s largest home shopping network. The VibeAway is an environmentally friendly product designed to stop the walking, vibrating and shaking of washing machines. As a result of this deal, B Green will be able to market VibeAway with “As Seen On TV” status.