The trick about all jewels is to know how to look at
them, even the best diamond stops glistening at night. Babati is best
seen from a local's perspective. To live there with the community, to
eat and drink local food and enjoy the surrounding countryside is like
sipping a fine wine. From the sunny slopes of Mt Kwaraa you can see for
miles, across the glistening Lake to the far off hills, home to Bror
Blixen for a while, then in the other direction you can see across to
the Rift Valley Escarpment, the escarpment that surely inspired Edgar
Rice Burroughs's Tarzan. Behind us, stretching off to the blue horizon
in the Tarangire National Park, home to large herds of elephants and
the largest Baobab trees outside of Madagascar.

The tranquility
of this phenomenal location is just one the benefits that travelers can
experience here. Here you can walk through the local village and see
how they live their lives and meet them. Don't be a stranger because
these generous people want to know about you, about your culture and
your way of life, just as you want to know about theirs. Trains that go
underground, buildings that go high into the sky are so alien to them
you might as well come from mars!!

If you want to experience this
type of peace, this type of remoteness, then come and visit us, take a
cultural tour in and around our communities or volunteer with us at the
Livingstone Tanzania Trust.

Babati is a jewel not just for it's
stunning scenery, it's wonderful people, but also because it is the
home to a great poverty alleviation model that helps people improve
their lives.

is the Director of the Livingstone Tanzania Trust, a poverty
alleviation charity based in Babati. He works at a number od schools in
the community improving the educational environment, training the
teachers and developing sustainable source of income to create
sustainability. The charity relies on donations, travelers and
volunteers. So come and help us or send us a few coins to help us help
others. £3 a month can make a huge difference.