width=225Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Brooke Shields and Gwen Stefani are starting the trend of putting babies in wrap-around slings and this has caused rapid warnings of links to infant deaths.

But an experience midwife explained yesterday that this is safe and is a great way for parents to bond with their child.

US health authorities issued warnings to parents who use baby slings to tiny babies that this may pose suffocation risk. US Government said that these slings have caused 14 children deaths in the past 20 years, which included 3 last year.

12 from those children are younger than 4 months old.

President Dr. Mark Strokes insisted that parents must be constantly attentive that their babies' mouth or nose is not covered by the sling.

Robyn Thompson, an experienced midwife, said that slings were great if women choose them on the basis of the height, posture, size and age of their babies.

I think this is not unsafe to use. she said.

I have seen hundreds of women carry their child in baby slings. Modern time say that it is best to put the baby down, but the best place where babies should be is with his/her mother, and this is how our ancestors carry their babies.