There’s always a new photo trend popping up on Instagram, but this one might be the cutest of all time

The online-sharing photo and social-networking service has had an influx of photos using the hashtag #babymugging that shows off cute babies in coffee mugs, but it's all a clever visual illusion that makes it look like the wee ones are peeking out of the cups.

Mommy Shorts blogger Illana Wiles started the trend when she posted a photo of her own 5-month-old daugher Harlow in a black mug, according to Mashable. The photo illusion has encouraged copycat parents to share photos of their own children using the hashtag “babeinamug,” which eventually evolved into “baby mugging” and then “babymugging.”

Best of all, Wiles provided instructions on how to recreate the babymugging photo effects in three easy steps:

1. Put your baby on the floor (or a flat surface).

2. Hold a mug in front of your baby.

3. Snap a photo and share it on the Mommy Shorts fanpage or use #babeinamug and tag@mommyshorts on Instagram.


Even young-at-heart news anchors at ABC affiliates in Detroit and Sioux Falls, S.D., have jumped in on the trend. Here are some of the cutest #babymugging photos, starting with Harlow.