The women of The Bachelor will tell all on Monday night's episode, and former contestant Nicki, who made it to the final three before getting the boot on the Switzerland episode, has admitted that she still has feelings for Ben Flajnik.

A sneak peek of Monday night's episode shows that Nicki, like so many of her fellow contestants, has harsh words for controversial contestant Courtney Robertson.

If she was consistently as horrible as she was up until the last episode, ok then you're doing what you gotta do to win or whatever, but when she flipped and all of a sudden had a change of heart when she realized 'Oh it's down to the final few and my chances of winning this might be hindered by the fact of how horribly I've treated people' and then all of a sudden she flips it and now she feels bad? I don't buy that for a second, Nicki said in a preview clip of The Women Tell All.

Nicki told People magazine that she still has feelings for Flajnik.

It's hard to fall for somebody that doesn't fall back, she said. The idea of dating hasn't crossed my mind since I left Switzerland.

She said she could see him being with contestant Lindzi, who, along with Robertson, is one of the final two.

She's very laid back, easygoing, Nicki said of Lindzi. Their senses of humor are very compatible. She was there for him, was open and honest and I could see it lasting.

The show's host, Chris Harrison, in a write-up for Entertainment Weekly, pointed out that Flajnik and Lindzi had good chemistry and managed to stay away from the drama that afflicted the other contestants -- and their one-on-one time with Flajnik.

The only thing they seem to get caught up in is each other, he wrote of Lindzi and Flajnik.

The Women Tell All episode will air on Monday at 8 p.m. EST.

The final episode has yet to air, but who do you think Flajnik picked?

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