Courtney's meeting Momma Flajnik!

The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik is just head over heels for the controversial contestant, and nothing -- not several warnings or a fake wedding -- is going to get in his way.

Monday night's episode was, in a word, gorgeous. The setting -- Interlacken, Switzerland -- was breathtaking.

Flajnik and Nicki had a picnic on top of a mountain and, in a hint of what was to come, the background was more interesting than their conversation.

His date with Lindzi felt far more natural.

The show's host, Chris Harrison, pointed out the ease between these two on his Entertainment Weekly blog.

It seems so easy for them, and you may have noticed that she and Ben never discuss other women, they never get caught up in the drama, Harrison wrote.

And then there was Courtney.

He and Courtney discussed what the other contestants have said about her, which is that the 28-year-old model from Scottsdale, Arizona is in it to win it and doesn't really care about him. Flajnik told her that he noticed her touchy behavior and that she would sometimes twist the knife a little bit. She acknowledged that sometimes there was room for improvement in her behavior.

Then there was the return of Kacie, who was sent packing last week. She came to warn Flajnik about Courtney. He listened, but didn't heed her advice. Instead, he sent Nicki packing. Now he'll bring Courtney and Lindzi home to meet his family.

Harrison did point out something big to look forward to: Next week, the women will tell all.

I always enjoy getting everybody together to talk about what went down but this season I'm especially interested to talk to this group of women, he wrote.