After weeks of heartbreak and love connections, it’s finally time for the hometown dates on “The Bachelor.” But while Nikki, Clare, Andi and Renee are excited about showing Juan Pablo off to their family members, not every parent is willing to give the happy couple their blessing.

First Hometown Date

Juan Pablo heads to Kansas City, Mo., for his first hometown date with Nikki, and the pair are feeling on top of the world. “I feel great,” he says to the cameras of seeing Nikki again. “Happy.”

Nikki’s equally as ecstatic about seeing Juan Pablo again, running right to him when she spots him at the local park. But the couple isn’t heading straight to meet Nikki’s parents – the pediatric nurse wants to give him a taste of the Midwest. Taking him out for ribs at a local barbeque joint, Nikki then adds onto the fun by bringing JP to a mechanical bull to let out his inner cowboy … and Nikki is pleasantly surprised by Juan Pablo’s ability to be a cowboy!

It’s finally time for Juan Pablo to meet Nikki’s parents, but Nikki is nervous and excited for another reason. She’s “totally in love” with JP and wants to tell him … but it just doesn’t feel right yet. Fortunately things don’t become any more complicated when the single dad meets her family, because both of Nikki’s parents give their blessing and make JP feel at home. “Next time you see me I could be engaged,” Nikki tells her mom. But by the end of their hometown date, Nikki still can’t gather the courage to say those three little words to Juan Pablo.

Second Hometown Date

After Kansas City, Juan Pablo makes his way to Atlanta for his second hometown date with Andi. “There’s definitely something going on between the two of us,” Juan Pablo tells the cameras. And while Andi’s excited to see him, she’s at the point of “waiting to fall in love.”

Before taking him to meet her parents, the assistant district attorney decides to give him a taste of the South and takes him to a gun range. Andi fires away, hitting her target almost every time – something that Juan Pablo finds “hot.” But when the time comes for Juan Pablo to pull the trigger he struggles to hit his target. After a dozen shots he finally manages to hit the bulls-eye and move on to meet Andi’s family – but it’s Juan Pablo who becomes the target at the house.

The pair recounts their dates all over the world, but Andi’s parents aren’t impressed … especially when her dad discovers that Andi was the last girl to land a one-on-one date. For Andi’s dad, what he sees is two people who are “a little infatuated.” And when it comes to family, he makes sure that Juan Pablo knows that he’s a “visitor” in his house and nothing more.

Juan Pablo puts his best foot forward and uses his alone time with Andi’s dad to ask if he would accept him and his daughter into the family if he proposed to Andi. But Andi’s dad won’t bite and tells JP that he won’t answer him. Instead he turns around and tells his daughter that Juan Pablo’s dating three other people right now and that’s all that matters to him at the moment. But despite Andi sensing her dad’s disapproval within the first five minutes of meeting Juan Pablo, Andi still feels the hometown date was a success. “I am very, very close to being in love with him,” she tells the cameras when he leaves.

Third Hometown Date

Saying goodbye to Atlanta, Juan Pablo moves onto Sarasota, Fla., for his third hometown date with Renee. And while all the dates have been special, Renee’s date is particularly important because Juan Pablo will be meeting her 8-year-old son, Ben.

“This feels right,” Renee tells the cameras when she’s reunited with Juan Pablo. “I want this.” But her excitement over seeing JP is nothing compared to the joy she shows when finally seeing her son after two months of being apart.

The pair watch Ben’s Little League game before heading over to meet her mom, dad and brother. And fortunately the date goes a lot smoother for Juan Pablo than Andi’s. Renee reveals that she’s “totally madly crazy in love” with Juan Pablo, and both her parents see that and give their blessing. But when it comes time to tell Juan Pablo how she feels, Renee can’t get the words to flow. Saying goodbye to him, Renee realizes the mistake she made in not opening up to him when the car drives away.

Fourth Hometown Date

Juan Pablo makes his way to Sacramento, Calif., for his fourth and final hometown date with Clare. The 32-year-old hairstylist meets Juan Pablo at a park that her dad used to take her to when she was a child, and the bachelorette opens up a little more about why this hometown date is so important to her. Revealing that this is the first time that she’s brought a guy home since her dad passed away, Clare tells the cameras that JP must have chemistry with her family in order for their relationship to work. And fortunately Juan Pablo did have great chemistry with Clare’s family -- perhaps even more chemistry than Clare has with her own sisters.

Clare’s older sisters Lisa and Madeline immediately approve when they see how happy Clare is and how Juan Pablo treats her. “I know he’d be proud and happy for her,” Lisa says of their father. Laura, on the other hand, takes a little convincing and feels as if Clare is manipulating their mother into giving her blessing. “I just want you to want happiness for me,” Clare cries when Laura interrupts her time with her mom.

And eventually both Laura and Clare’s mom give their approval after sitting down and talking with Juan Pablo. “We would be very happy to have you,” Clare’s mom tells Juan Pablo, saying that they would welcome both him and Camila into their home if he chooses to be with Clare.

The Rose Ceremony

Each girl is nervous, yet excited, to see Juan Pablo after their hometown dates. But while each bachelorette felt like she had a special connection, one of them will be going home.

The first rose Juan Pablo gives out is to Nikki, who gladly accepts the rose. The second rose Juan Pablo hands out is gifted to Clare, and the final rose … goes to Andi. Both Renee and Juan Pablo shed some tears, and before Renee leaves she gets a chance to tell Juan Pablo how deep her feelings for him were. "I can't force him," she tells the cameras.