Juan Pablo is everything a reality Bachelor should be, he’s sexy, has an accent, is athletic and a doting single dad- but tongues seem to be wagging, about his tongue that is wagging. Social media has exploded over his unique kissing style, and how it is indicative of the strong passion he has with the final 4 ladies. The real questions on everyone’s lips is who will get the final rose and kiss- Will it be Andi, Nikki, Clare or Renee?

On Monday, February 24th The Bachelor will meet the girl’s families on their hometown visits. But what will their families make of Pablo’s passionate kissing style, and will it translate to their approval? After that comes the most exciting part of the season when the finalists have overnight dates. If Pablo’s kissing is any indication, the ladies are in for one hell of a steamy ride.

Our resident TV Queen Amanda Remling had a few things to share with us about the Venezuelan heart throb and even broke down his own signature kissing style, in 7 easy steps. If you want to kiss like Juan Pablo listen up, it’s actually quite simple, and the key is tongue, lots and lots of tongue.

Firstly pick your prey; the first step of seduction is the whispering into your prey’s ear, sweet nothings that start the engine. Then tilt the face up, get a good grip, and dig your thumbs into the person’s cheeks “making dimples”. Then stick your tongue in and don’t be afraid to explore, then pull away and whisper what else, but more sweet nothings into the prey’s ear.

So as we enter the final episodes on The Bachelor, we can’t help but wonder if Pablo has truly found ‘the one’ and who will be given the final rose. The front runner at this stage of the game is Nikki, a bubbly blond, who is a registered nurse, and surprise, surprise, part- time model.