Fans of “The Bachelor” were left on the edge of their seats in episode 4 when Chris Soules confronted the women in the house about his intentions. The 33-year-old farmer from Iowa has made it clear that he joined the ABC series to search for his future wife. However, he was put in an awkward spot when Season 19 front-runner Britt Nilsson questioned him about some inappropriate actions.

The drama started after Britt became jealous of Kaitlyn Bristowe. She told Chris that the other contestants were complaining about how much attention he gave Kaitlyn during the camping group date and that some of the ladies wanted to go home afterward. Britt explained she didn’t understand why Chris rewarded Kaitlyn for her overly sexual behavior. Their conversation made Chris address the situation to the other women.

“I’m here to find a wife,” he told the bachelorettes. “If any of you question that you’re more than welcome to go home if you don’t feel that I’m here for the right intentions.”

His announcement shocked viewers – and the ladies. Juelia Kinney, who was eliminated at the end of episode 4, opened up about Chris’ outburst during a press call.

“You know, I was just as surprised as everyone else,” Juelia told International Business Times. “I had no idea what he was referring to. I didn’t talk to any of the girls that were saying that they wanted to leave. Honestly, I have no idea what he was talking about. So it is a shock to me as it was to everyone else.”

But it wasn’t a shock to Britt. The contestant knew that her conversation triggered Chris’ confrontation, and she was forced to sweat it out during the rose ceremony until the bachelor handed her the final flower of the episode.

“I think that Britt is a really, really amazing girl,” Juelia added to Reality TV World. “She’s a very sweet girl with a strong face. ... What people don’t realize is that I’m sure Britt had lots of conversations with Chris that weren’t like that. But the thing is that they can only show so much of all our conversations. ... I think that she’s really sweet, and I think that Chris would be lucky to have her.”

Fortunately for Britt it looks like her relationship with Chris will be moving forward in episode 5. Chris will whisk the contestant away for a romantic hot air balloon ride. The synopsis teases that their one-on-one outing will potentially put Britt “way ahead of the group.” The bad news is that some of the other ladies will begin to question how “truthful” she is.

bachelor 1 Chris and Britt will go on a romantic hot air balloon ride in episode 5 of "The Bachelor." Photo: ABC

Viewers of “The Bachelor” can watch the drama unfold when episode 5 airs on ABC on Monday at 8 p.m. EST.