“The Bachelor” is on the move! Only 11 women are left in the running for Chris Soules’ heart, and Monday’s episode will take their journey to a brand new (and romantic) destination – Santa Fe, New Mexico. Unfortunately, jealousy and drama is following close behind.

Carly will get the first one-on-one date in episode 5. While past one-on-one dates have been romantic, this one will get … erotic. Chris and the 29-year-old cruise ship singer will meet the “Love Guru” during their day out. The “Love Guru” will put the pair through some awkward “sexual exercises” that will end with them “practically naked.” Things seem bound to heat up between the two, however the synopsis teases that the exercises could potentially result in the opposite.

While Carly and Chris get intimate, the rest of the girls will learn about Kelsey’s past. The 28-year-old guidance counselor, who made herself out to be the villain in episode 4, will tell hew fellow contestants about her late husband’s death. But the episode description reveals that Kelsey won’t gain sympathy from the story. In fact, some of the girls feel she is “disingenuous in the way she is presenting herself” and nickname her the “Black Widow.” Kelsey won’t be focusing on the others though, because she’s bent on winning Chris’ heart … no matter what it takes.

Kelsey’s got some competition though. Nine of the ladies will join Chris on a white water rafting trip in the Rio Grande River. Things will take a dangerous turn when one contestant falls overboard, but believe it or not that won’t be the jaw-dropping part of the group date. During the late night party, an eliminated contestant will crash the party to try and win Chris back. Is Kimberly, who begged for a second chance after the first night, not taking no for an answer? Is Jillian broken up after getting sent home during her episode 4 date? Or could Ashley S. possibly be making a comeback? “The Bachelor” viewers will have to wait and see who returns … and how Chris responds.

Britt will land the final one-on-one date of episode 5 and accompany Chris on a romantic hot air balloon ride. Despite the small set back in episode 4 when Britt confronted Chris about Kaitlyn, the sparks between the pair will continue to fly – and potentially put Britt “way head of the group.” This will not sit well with the others, especially since they “think she isn’t being truthful about her intentions.”

Fans won’t want to miss the final moments of “The Bachelor” when Britt’s “play-by-play” leads Kelsey to pay a secret visit to Chris. Meanwhile the cocktail party will come to a “screeching halt” when a “stunning twist” is revealed.

The drama in episode 5 of “The Bachelor” will unfold on ABC on Monday, Feb. 2, at 8 p.m. EST. What are you looking forward to seeing? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.