“The Bachelor” turned into a family affair in episode 4. Over the past few weeks Chris Soules narrowed his search for love down to 15 women. He still has a long road ahead, and his three sisters showed up to grill the contestants and give their input on what gal they can see having a future with their brother.

First Group Date

Episode 4 kicked off with Chris heading out on group date with Megan, Kaitlyn, Ashley S., Ashley I., Juelia, Samantha, Mackenzie and Kelsey. Piling into two convertibles, the group spent the afternoon running around in their bikinis at the lake. Each contestant tried to one up each other, with Ashley I. attempting to catch Chris’ attention by jumping in the water topless, while Kaitlyn took it up a notch by removing her bikini bottom. Everyone appeared to be having a blast … except for Kelsey. Besides getting stung by a bee, Kelsey was upset with her “hell hole” surroundings, wasn’t digging the fact that she was on a date “for bimbos” and wanted to “stab a fork” in her eye. Unfortunately for her, the group date was extended when Chris revealed that they’d be camping overnight.

The girls sang some songs, roasted some marshmallows and snuck away with Chris for some alone time. Tension mounted as some of the girls began to question Chris’ choices. Meanwhile, others began to realize how “phony” some people were around him (cough Kelsey cough).

Kaitlyn ended up getting the group date rose, but it was Ashley I. who really stole the show. In the middle of the night she slipped into Chris’ tent to tell him she was a virgin and never had a boyfriend before. Chris didn’t grasp what she meant by “innocent” though, and the pair left on completely different pages.

One-On-One Date

While the girls were on the overnight date, Chris’ sisters visited the house to meet with the other contestants. They pulled aside each girl for some one-on-one time in order to figure out who they’d be setting up with Chris on a date. Although each of the ladies tried their best to impress their potential future-in-laws, it was Jade who really wowed them. She got set up to go on a “princess date” with Chris – but the twist was that he didn’t know which girl would be showing up.

A stylist, hair and makeup artist pampered Jade for her date with Chris – something that made Ashley I. EXTREMELY jealous. When Jade left the house to meet Chris, Ashley I. got dressed up in her own princess dress.

Chris trusted his sisters and was happy that they chose Jade for the date. The pair had a great evening and opened up about their past engagements. Seeing how beautiful Jade is on the inside and out, Chris gifted her with the rose and told the cameras that he hopes their fairytale night becomes a reality. They ended their one-on-one date with a kiss and romantic dance in front of a full orchestra.

Bachelor Chris and Jade grew closer in episode 4 of "The Bachelor." Photo: ABC

Second Group Date

The second group date found Whitney, Jillian, Carly, Britt, Becca and Nikki hopping on a plane to San Francisco … in wedding dresses! Like the week before, the group date consisted of an obstacle course. In their wedding dresses, the girls had to run through the Muckfest MS course, a mud run that helps raise money to find the cure for MS. The winner would get a one-on-one date with Chris, and of course Jillian blew everyone out of the water.

While the other girls went home, Jillian and Chris spent the night on a romantic rooftop date in San Francisco. The date consisted of Jillian asking Chris if he’d rather “have sex with a homeless girl or abstain from sex for five years.” Chris chose a third option – send Jillian home.

“I’m truly looking for my wife and unfortunately I just don’t feel like we have that chemistry right now,” he told her with the date rose in his hand. Chris added that their goals aren’t “aligned,” and Jillian tried to make an excuse before breaking into tears.

Jillian argued that she shared her heart, but Chris later told the cameras that they had every opportunity to forge a romantic connection but failed to.

Cocktail Party

The girls put on their game faces for the cocktail party after Jillian went home. Megan blindfolded the bachelor and fed him chocolate and fruit. Ashley I. pulled him aside to once again talk about her “innocence,” this time flat out telling him that she’s a virgin – something that Chris did not see coming. Although he thanked her for telling him and said that he respects her decision, Ashley I. spent a majority of the cocktail party in tears over the fact that he didn’t make a move afterwards. She opened up to the other girls, and Becca revealed that she’s a virgin too.

Meanwhile, Britt started letting her jealousy get to her. During her one-on-one time with Chris, she confronted him about Kaitlyn’s inappropriate actions while on the camping group date. Bringing up the other girls, Britt said that everyone felt like they were the third wheel on a date with him and Kaitlyn and wanted to go home afterwards. Chris was shocked at Britt’s confrontation, and decided to speak to the whole group before the rose ceremony.

“I’m here to find a wife,” he warned them. “If any of you question that you’re more than welcome to go home if you don’t feel that I’m here for the right intentions.”

Rose Ceremony

Kaitlyn and Jade entered the rose ceremony safe for week 4. Chris handed the first rose to Whitney, followed by Carly, Megan, Samantha, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Becca and Ashley I. Juelia, Nikki, Ashley S. and Britt were left, but Chris only had one more rose to hand out. The final rose went to Britt. Episode 4 of “The Bachelor” found Jillian, Juelia Nikki and Ashley S. sent home.

“Chris, all I have to say to you is … nothing,” Ashley S. told the cameras outside.