Episode 5 of “The Bachelor” started with 11 girls last week, and ended with 11 girls after Kelsey’s panic attack. Viewers were left on the edge of their seats when the episode concluded with a “to be continued” screen instead of a rose ceremony. After a week of waiting, fans finally found out who Chris Soules decided to send home … and he claimed that certain events (ahem, Kelsey’s “panic attack”) didn’t influence his decision.

Carly, Britt and Whitney entered the rose ceremony safe. Chris handed the first rose to Jade, followed by Kaitlyn, Megan, Becca and Ashley. The final rose went to Kelsey, sending home Mackenzie and Samantha in the fifth elimination round.

Needless to say, a handful of the girls were not happy that Kelsey got the final rose. Kaitlyn told the cameras that she wasn’t buying Kelsey’s panic attack story, while Carly and Becca admitted that they thought she was being manipulative and using it as a tactic to stay in the game. Kelsey’s real motives are still unclear, but Chris revealed after the rose ceremony that he’s not interested in any more drama moving forward.

One-On-One Date

Following the elimination, “The Bachelor” cast packed their bags for Deadwood, South Dakota. Becca landed the only one-on-one date of episode 6, and was ecstatic for the chance to spend some time with Chris. The 25-year-old chiropractic assistant wanted to see where their relationship could go … including a potential first kiss. A lip lock was definitely on Chris’ mind as well. Although he told the cameras that he’d be happy either way, he acknowledged that Becca was the only girl in the house he hadn’t kissed yet.

The pair went on a romantic horseback ride and got to talk about their feelings over a late night dinner and fire. Becca opened up about her fears about starting a new relationship, and they discussed their “five year plan.” Chris offered Becca the date rose and she accepted … with a kiss.

Meanwhile at the hotel, some of the girls decided to confront Kelsey about her behavior. While Kaitlyn sat quietly on the couch, Whitney and Carly finally told Kelsey that her laughing and comment about definitely getting a rose was inappropriate following her “panic attack.” Tears filled Kelsey’s eyes as she explained all the emotional obstacles that she has overcome, however she later told the cameras that she was too smart for the girls.

Group Date

Whitney, Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn, Carly and Megan joined Chris for the episode 6 group date. Country stars Big & Rich crashed the date and revealed that the ladies would be writing a love song for the bachelor … and performing it.

Carly, a cruise ship singer, and Megan, who hails from Nashville, was excited about the task. However one contestant was definitely feeling the nerves – Jade. Big pulled Jade aside and got her to let go of some of her fears. It worked … until Jade spotted Britt and Chris all over each other.

“It’s hard to write a love song about somebody when he’s clearly really into somebody else,” Jade explained to the cameras.

Despite the nerves, the woman –especially Jade – managed to impress Chris on the stage. Chris was surprised by the 28-year-old cosmetics developer, and liked the fact that she opened up about her feelings. However, Chris couldn’t help his strong connection with Britt. While the other girls sat nearby, Chris whisked Britt away for a “surprise.” The surprise turned out to be the Big & Rich concert down the street. The country stars invited Britt and Chris on stage and the bachelor gave her the group date rose (and a steamy lip lock) in front of the crowd.

You could cut the tension with a knife when Chris and Britt returned to the other ladies. Chris came up with an excuse about it not feeling “appropriate” to hand out a rose in front of everybody else, and quickly said goodnight. Britt was left alone with the girls and it was pretty rough. It turns out that they had left the group date for over an hour

“I’m sorry,” she told them. “I feel so awkward right now.”

But they weren’t interested in what she had to say. “We can’t help but feel humiliated,” Kaitlyn told Britt. “We don’t want your sympathy,” Jade added.

Bachelor Britt Britt and Chris' connection upset the other girls in episode 6 of "The Bachelor." Photo: ABC

Two-On-One Date

Kelsey and Ashley had the two-on-one date of episode 6, and there was drama from the very beginning. Chris must have known what he was getting into because he acknowledged that the two ladies were complete opposites.

 “I’m Glenda the Good Witch and she’s the Wicked Witch of the West,” Ashley told the cameras before she left for the date.

The trio went on a helicopter ride before settling down in the Badlands. Ashley was the first to land alone time with Chris, and the Bachelor questioned her about what was going down in the house. She said there was zero drama … but added that Kelsey wasn’t getting along with the others. When Chris further pushed the subject, Ashley explained that the other girls thought that Kelsey was “being fake” with him.

Chris threw Ashley under the bus when he spoke with Kelsey. He told Kelsey exactly what Ashley said, and the contestant acted hurt.

“I’d hate for you to let go of all the potential between us because of ‘girl talk,’” she told him.

Unfortunately the two-on-one date backfired for both of them. “Regardless of what happened today we’re in different places,” he told Ashley. “I don’t know that you’d be happy. I don’t think that I can give you the lifestyle that you want.”

Ashley, who was already in tears, continued to have a meltdown. She told Chris that Britt’s not interested in his farm lifestyle either.

Chris returned to Kelsey, who had a big grin on her face after seeing Ashley crying. However he didn’t have good news for her.

“I thought a lot about our conversation and I don’t know if it’s there between us,” he confessed. Chris continued that he wanted to be honest with her and that she deserves someone who is “110%.”

Kelsey said she understood, and Chris left both the girls in the dust.