Welcome to Bali, “Bachelor” fans! After the emotional hometown dates the week before, Chris Soules and his three remaining ladies – Becca, Whitney and Kaitlyn – packed their bags for the gorgeous island.

While three women started out in episode 9, one was going home at the end … and the fantasy suite was on the line.


Kaitlyn, the 29-year-old dance instructor from Vancouver, landed the first one-on-one date with Chris in Bali. The pair explored the island and had fun playing with monkeys. But even though the date was low key, Kaitlyn was nervous.

Based on past experiences, Kaityln was having a hard time opening up to Chris. Although she rented the billboard in episode 8, she still had to let her guard down and tell him how she was feeling.

Kaitlyn finally got the chance to talk to Chris about where she was at after dinner. The bachelor caught on that she was having a hard time based on the fact that she was shaking. She confessed that it was due to her nerves, and that she had her guard up because she’s afraid of losing him. But despite that fear, she admitted that she’s excited about their relationship.

Chris felt the same way, and handed over the card to the fantasy suite. “I can’t imagine saying no to that,” Kaitlyn said as she accepted the invitation. “I’d love to.”

Although the cameras didn’t linger in the fantasy suite, they stayed long enough to capture Kaitlyn telling Chris that she’s “completely” falling in love with him.

“It’s terrifying but such a good feeling at the same time,” she added.

“I’m falling in love with you as well,” Chris told her.

As the pair kissed on the bed, Kaitlyn told the cameras that she could see herself spending the rest of her life with Chris.


Whitney, the 29-year-old fertility nurse from Chicago, landed the second date of episode 9. Although the date was a big deal because of the fantasy suite, Whitney had a lot on the line because she told Chris last week that she loved him.

The pair spent the afternoon sailing in the Indian Ocean, and talked about important parts of their relationship – like Whitney’s older sister, Kimberly. “Bachelor” viewers will remember that Kimberly refused to give Chris her blessing during hometown dates. Chris was at peace with Kimberly’s decision, but Whitney was not. She explained to Chris that her sister is very protective and that she was upset after the date ended. He told her not to be, confessing that he appreciated her sister’s honesty.

“From my perspective it doesn’t change anything,” he added.

That was exactly what Whitney wanted to hear, but Chris still had some concerns – like Whitney moving to Arlington, Iowa. In a move that scared fans, Chris broke down everything that Arlington was lacking. But surprisingly, Whitney wasn’t scared away (although she did take a big gulp of wine). She told Chris that although she did work really hard to get where she is, “half of her is missing.”

“If I moved to Arlington I would leave that and wouldn’t have any hesitation,” she said of her career. She added that all she wants is to be a wife and mom.

“It’s not where you are, its who you’re with,” Whitney told Chris.

Chris appreciated Whitney’s confession, and admitted to the cameras that he could see herself proposing. He offered her the fantasy suite card, and Whitney accepted.


Becca, the 25-year-old chiropractic assistant from San Diego, had the third and final date of episode 9. Chris was nervous after the hometown date, especially because he learned that Becca is uncomfortable and inexperienced with relationships. Fortunately the pair picked up right where they left off. They had a carefree day with the Bali locals and visited a medium to talk about their future. However Becca still had something important on the back of her mind – she had to tell Chris that she’s a virgin.

Before she could get to her big reveal, Chris wanted to talk about Arlington. Still uncertain that any of the women would want to move to the small Iowa town, Chris needed to hear that she was ready to make that move. But surprisingly, Becca admitted that she wasn’t. She told Chris that she wants to be “really sure” about their relationship before she made that move. And it’s something that she’s taking very seriously.

“I’ve been sorting through these feelings so much lately,” she admitted.

Although they didn’t settle anything, Chris decided to invite her to the fantasy suite. Becca accepted – before telling him that she’s a virgin. The pair got into the room and Chris told the cameras that he was excited about taking their relationship to a new level of intimacy. But Becca dropped the bombshell before things got too intimate.

“I really do feel like I am falling in love with you,” she confessed. “But I do have something very important to share with you … I’m a virgin.”

After Becca came clean, Chris let out of big breath. “Never easy to respond to that,” he admitted. “But I respect that in a lot of ways.”

The pair spent the night in the fantasy suite, but Chris was uncertain about their relationship in the morning. They had a serious conversation, however the bachelor was “more confused than ever” because he didn’t know what Becca was thinking.

Episode 9 Rose Ceremony

Chris admitted to “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison that he was struggling with the decision. He was worried about making a mistake and hurting one of the girls. When the rose ceremony arrived he decided to pull Becca aside before making his choice.

Chris told Becca that he wanted to talk about how they left things, and Becca agreed. “I’m crazy about you,” she finally confessed, saying that she’s not ready to end their relationship. And Chris must have felt the same way – because he surprised Kaitlyn and Whitney by returning to the rose ceremony with Becca at his side.

Whitney landed the first rose of the rose ceremony – leaving Kaitlyn and Becca waiting to see if they’d receive the final rose. In the end, Chris decided to go with his gut and handed it to Becca.

Kaitlyn was visibly upset, but took Chris’ offer to walk her out. When they got outside, Kaitlyn couldn’t look Chris in the eye. “I’m so sorry,” he said, pulling her in for a hug.

“What happened?” she asked, still not making eye contact.

“Nothing happened,” he responded. “Certain things I don’t even understand right now. This has been the most excruciating week.”

As Chris continued, Kaitlyn tried her hardest not to break down in tears. In the end she couldn’t stop herself from crying.

"Most humiliating moment of my whole freaking life,” she told the cameras in the car. “I’m really, really confused. That’s all I’m feeling right now. Really confused. It really blows my mind.”