Goodbye, Olivia! “The Bachelor” Season 20 contestant Olivia Caridi may have been a frontrunner in the competition after landing the first impression rose, but things for her didn’t exactly go as planned. Although she thought her connection with Ben Higgins was strong enough to overcome anything, she was ultimately eliminated during the two-on-one date in episode 6.

Olivia, 23, certainly wasn’t a fan-favorite, but her breakup with Ben was the harshest one of Season 20 yet. For those that missed it, the former news anchor narrowly dodged elimination during the week 5 rose ceremony when Ben pulled her aside after hearing some disturbing stories from the other women. Some contestants accused Olivia of “targeting” them, while others told Ben that she acted differently around him. Olivia shook off the accusations, and explained to Ben that she has a target on her back because the other women are jealous. Ben kept her around, but then placed her on a two-on-one date with Emily in episode 6.

During the two-on-one date, Olivia used her time to tell Ben that she was in love with him. When he grabbed the date rose and asked to speak to her she assumed that she had the rose in the bag. However, Ben shocked everyone when he told her that he didn’t feel the same way as her. He left Olivia crying on the beach of an island while he boarded a boat with Emily to head back to their hotels.

Olivia responded to her elimination and breakup with Ben on Twitter.

Olivia might be gone for now, but there is still hope for her to find love. A preview of the remaining Season 20 episodes teases that Ben might call an eliminated contestant and ask for a second chance during the final rose ceremony. Could Olivia be on the other end of that call? If a future with Ben is not in the cards, Olivia could potentially be a member of the Season 3 cast of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Or, maybe she’ll simply find love off-screen.