Hello, drama! To quote “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison, the 2016 installment of the ABC reality series has been one of the most “dramatic” seasons to date. And that statement held true when star Ben Higgins faced the women he eliminated during the special “Women Tell All” episode Monday.

Caila, Olivia, Jubilee and some of the other fan-favorite contestants reunited to rehash some of the most talked about moments of the season, as well as confront Ben for the first time since getting sent home. Check out the most dramatic moments from the episode below:

Leah Defends Herself

Fans of “The Bachelor” will remember Leah’s memorable elimination this season. Ben sent her packing before the rose ceremony in episode 6 when she visited his room to trash talk Lauren B. From what fans saw on screen, Leah made up lies about Lauren B. However, Leah insists that she wasn’t lying about Lauren B. acting different around Ben. She tells Chris Harrison that Lauren B, said something along the lines of the girls being “losers” for acting upset about not having a date.

Jami And Amber Confront Jubilee

It was obvious that Jubilee had some issues with other women in the house, however, viewers had no idea that Jami and Amber had a serious problem with the contestant regarding race. According to Jami and Amber, Jubilee said on numerous occasions that she was going to be the first “real” black woman to make it furthest on the show. Jubilee also reportedly told Amber and Jami that they were “not black enough.”

Jubilee initially denied saying anything regarding race, but later said that she may have said something about being a “full black girl.” She ultimately apologized to Amber and Jami for offending them.

Welcome To Paradise, Lace

Chris Harrison welcomes Lace to the stage to talk about her “crazy” behavior while on “The Bachelor.” Lace admits that she’s more conscious of how she acts in certain situations, and is doing her best to change the way she behaves. Fans of the reality show franchise will get to see if she’s truly working on herself because she’ll be joining Season 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Bonus: Some guy in the audience came on stage to reveal that he got a tattoo of Lace’s face.

The Other Women Confront Olivia

Olivia started off as a frontrunner in the competition; however, she was sent packing during an emotional two-on-one date. Looking back now, Olivia says she does have some regrets about some things were said. But she also thinks that the other ladies in the house aren’t completely innocent.

Almost every contestant gets involved in the conversation, and Amanda calls Olivia out for “trash talking” her for being a single mom. Emily and Haley chime in that they tried talking to her about her behavior in the house, but that Olivia proceeded to bully everyone with her comments.

Olivia admits that some of the things she said may have been hurtful and offensive, but she reveals that the process was also hard for her. Things got so bad for Olivia that she actually gave her social media accounts to her sister. She starts crying while talking about the bullying that’s been going on.

“To pick on my body, to make fun of my breath and toes and breasts,” she tells Chris Harrison. “This hurts. It sucks.”

Caila Reveals She Was Surprised By The Breakup

Caila takes the hot seat to talk to Chris Harrison about her relationship with Ben and it’s clear that the audience loves her. She gets a loud round of applause, which Chris Harrison acknowledges. But despite rumors circulating that she’s the next “Bachelorette,” the potential of her being the next star is not brought up.

Instead, Chris Harrison grills Caila on her thoughts after Ben sent her home following the fantasy suite date. Caila tells Chris Harrison that she was surprised and didn’t see the breakup coming. But what really hurt her was watching the way he looked at JoJo and Lauren B. Caila says that she wants to be with someone who looks at her that way.

Ben Comments On The Two ‘I Love You’ Fiasco

“The Bachelor” viewers watched last week during the fantasy suite dates when Ben told not one, but two women that he was in love with them. Next week Ben’s decision regarding JoJo and Lauren B. will be revealed, but until then, Chris Harrison wants to know if Ben realizes what kind of mess he’s in.

“Life doesn’t prepare you for what this puts you through,” Ben says of the process of the show. He continues that he “never thought” that his heart would end up in two places, but that the reason things did end that way is because he compartmentalized each relationship.

Ben’s In Love!

Ben can’t say who he chooses as the Season 20 winner of “The Bachelor,” but he does admit that he’s in love!

“I am more in love than I’ve ever been,” he tells Chris Harrison. “I would marry that woman tomorrow if I could. I would, she’s amazing.”

‘The Bachelor’ Finale Sneak Peek

The sneak peek of the Season 20 finale teases three hours of non-stop drama. Ben has to choose between Lauren B. and JoJo, and he’s struggling with his decision. The thought that he’s in love with two women disturbs his mom. She warns him that he has to tell the women.

‘The Bachelor’ Season 20 finale airs Monday, March 14 at 8 p.m. EST.