“The Bachelor” Season 20 started with 25 women, but star Ben Higgins has already narrowed his search for love down to six. He’ll continue his journey to find his wife in episode 7, bringing Amanda, Becca, Caila, Emily, JoJo and Lauren B to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana!

Ben’s experience on “The Bachelor” hit a little rough patch last week when the remaining women began to get upset with the bachelor for his obvious favoring. Multiple contestants were fuming when Ben decided to take Caila out on her second one-on-one date, while others got jealous of the attention he was showering Lauren B with on the group date. Leah even went as far as to try and sabotage Lauren B’s relationship with Ben, telling the 27-year-old software salesman that Lauren B’s behavior is drastically different when she’s around him. In the end her plan to get Lauren B eliminated backfired, and Ben sent Leah packing before the rose ceremony. The other big shocker was Ben’s decision to eliminate Olivia during his two-on-one date with Emily.

Things will certainly calm down this week as the girls leave the Bahamas to learn more about Ben’s past. Ben will reconnect with Lauren B on the first one-on-one date of episode 7. The duo will spend the afternoon at a youth center that Ben used to volunteer at when he was a teen. Indiana Pacers player George Paul will join Ben and Lauren B to give the kids a day that they’ll never forget.

Later, Ben will continue to explore his relationship with JoJo when he whisks her away to Chicago for a solo night at Wrigley Field, the stadium of his favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs. Will JoJo hit a home run? Or will their relationship go foul?

The Bachelor Will JoJo and Ben's date at Wrigley Field be a home run in episode 7 of "The Bachelor"? Photo: ABC

The episode 7 group date will certainly be intense as the woman who receives the rose will automatically get a hometown date the following week. Will it be Becca, Amanda or Caila? Finally, Ben’s hometown date will end with a visit to his parents. Emily will be the lucky girl who gets to meet them — but will they approve of the blonde beauty? It’s an important few dates as Ben will have to decide which hometowns he’ll be visiting in week 8!

“The Bachelor” episode 7 will air on ABC Monday, Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. EST. Who do you want to see land a hometown date? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.