Isabel “Izzy” Goodkind packed her bags Monday night on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Now fans of the ABC reality show want to know what the status of her love life is.

The New Yorker from Ben Higgins’ season formed a relationship with Vinny Ventiera on night one of “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3. Vinny was ready to take their romance into the real world, however, the arrival of Brett Melnick shook things up. Izzy decided to throw her connection with Vinny away because she was physically attracted to Brett. Vinny left paradise broken hearted and Izzy ultimately did the same.

Although Izzy and Brett seemed inseparable after Vinny’s departure, Brett decided to end things with her in order to get to know new arrival Lauren Himle. Izzy left in tears, finally realizing that she made a big mistake in dumping Vinny. She gave her ex a call, hoping to rekindle things by flying to his hometown in Florida. However, Vinny squashed whatever hope Izzy had.

“You know, obviously what happened, it really just blindsided me,” he told her on the phone in episode 6A. “You wanting to throw it all away to some guy with a lamp was pretty shallow. When that happened, literally, all of the feelings that I had just went out the window. I just can’t be with somebody like that. For me, there’s really just no coming back from what happened.”

Have things changed between Izzy and Vinny since filming concluded? TMZ released a photo of Vinny and Izzy looking super cozy while on a flight from Los Angeles to New York City in late August. The outlet’s photog managed to talk to them outside of LAX, where Vinny explained that they’re simply “friends.” Izzy elaborated on their friendship to Hollywood Life earlier this month, explaining that they planned their flight together because Vinny had a gig in Atlantic City and she lives in New York City.

“We definitely created an unbelievable friendship there in this situation that not many people get to experience,” she added. “We definitely have a close relationship. So we’re friends.”

“Bachelor in Paradise” fans will get to learn more about their friendship — and if the door is really closed on romance — during the live after show. The special will air on Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 9 p.m. EDT, directly following night two of the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale at 8 p.m. EDT.