Who is staying to find love and who is getting sent packing? “Bachelor in Paradise” concluded Tuesday before the guys could hand out their roses in episode 3B.

Week 3 was definitely a complicated one for the Season 3 cast of the ABC series. Evan tried to shake things up for Amanda and Josh, but ultimately failed. He was prepared to go home, however, Carly surprised everyone by giving him her “platonic rose” to keep him in Mexico for another week. Although Carly broke it off with Evan, the two ended up locking lips after a minor health scare.

Jared also ended his brief relationship with Emily in order to pursue a relationship with Caila. The duo appeared to be hitting it off until Ashley from “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 2 returned. Ashley, who still had strong feelings for Jared from the year before, sobbed for 90% of the episode when she discovered the budding romance. She made one last ditch effort to talk to Jared about her feelings before the rose ceremony, but the episode ended with Jared threatening to go home because of the drama.

Episode 4A will pick up on Monday with Jared frustrated over dealing with the “emotional breakdown of his crying ex and her inability to move on from him.” The synopsis teases that Ashley will be looking for someone to help her move on from Jared — but will she be able to stay in “Paradise” long enough to get another shot at love? Two women are on the chopping block in Monday’s episode — and one “drama queen” is determined to stay!

Following the rose ceremony, two “lesser-known bachelors” — Carl King and Brett Melnick of Andi Dorfman’s season of “The Bachelorette” — will arrive to woo the single ladies. Although they didn’t get much screen time when they first appeared in the franchise, they will certainly draw attention this time around. In fact, they’ll shake up some of the couples!

Caila and Jared’s relationship will be tested when the brunette decides to “take a chance” on a new love interest. One of the couples from week one will also find their romance on the rocks due to the new arrivals. The synopsis reveals that a “tempted woman gives in to her attraction to one of the newest arrivals and tells him that he is her ideal man.”

Watch all the drama unfold when “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3, episode 4A airs on ABC Monday, Aug. 22 at 8 p.m. EDT.