Hurricane Chad may have exited “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3, but Topical Storm Leah has arrived in Sayulita, Mexico.

Episode 2 of the ABC reality show begins with Chad yelling one more “f--- you” to host Chris Harrison before exiting “Paradise.” Everyone is glad to see him go, however, that’s one less rose at the rose ceremony. And to top it off, Leah from Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor” shows up, making the other women in the house nervous.

Leah arrives with a date card and surprisingly wants to take Chad. The others are forced to break the news to her that Chad was sent packing, which leads her to ask Nick out — even though he told her that he’s interested in Amanda. Despite eyeing Amanda, Nick decides to accept Leah’s date offer and the two enjoy a romantic afternoon at a margarita festival. The date goes so well that the two even share a kiss. But that doesn’t mean that Nick wants to pursue a relationship with her. When he gets a date card later that day he decides to ask Amanda — and that irritates Leah.

Leah takes out her frustration with Nick on Amanda, telling Amanda that she’s “trying to be her” and imitating her laugh. It’s Amanda who gets the last laugh though. She and Nick lock lips while sitting by a bonfire.

Meanwhile, other relationships are developing at the house. Grant agrees to forget that Hurricane Chad happened and hooks up with Lace. Sarah also decides to go after Vinny, who has been linked to Izzy since night one. He seems very flirty with her, which worries Izzy. Carly befriends Evan, who she admits to the cameras that she’s a “little interested” in. A quick kiss doesn’t exactly scream passion for the “Bachelor in Paradise” vet, but she’s got the rose ceremony on her mind.

Things turn tense leading up to the rose ceremony. Jubilee tries to make a case to Jared to get his rose, and Vinny decides to go in for a kiss with Sarah. Leah pulls Nick aside one last time to try to win him back, but he flat out tells her that Amanda is going to be getting his rose. That forces her to try to win over Daniel, who is the wildcard of the evening.

The men are the ones with the power this week and get to hand out the roses. Grant goes first and gives his rose to Lace. Nick gives Amanda his rose, which causes Leah to roll her eyes. Evan gives his rose to Carly, followed by Jared, who gives his rose to Emily. Jared’s rose not only saves Emily, but Haley as well. Vinny surprises everyone and gives his rose to Izzy, even though he locked lips with Sarah earlier. Daniel has the final rose and gives it to Sarah, eliminating Leah and Jubilee in episode 2 of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The rose ceremony doesn’t mean that the episode is over. Everyone is coupled up the next morning when Josh Murray of Andi Dorfman’s season of “The Bachelorette” shows up in “Paradise.” The girls are immediately drooling over the new bachelor. As for the guys? Not so much — especially Nick. He has a history with Josh, and was the runner up on that season of “The Bachelorette.” Josh’s relationship with Andi didn’t last, so he joined “Bachelor in Paradise” with the hope of finding his wife, and he’s got his eyes on Nick’s girl. He asks Amanda to join him on his date and Amanda accepts.

Amanda is attracted to him, but Nick doesn’t think that Josh is sincere. He questions Josh’s intentions for Amanda and thinks that he asked out Amanda just to bother him. But judging Amanda and Josh’s chemistry on their date, it seems as if Josh might truly be interested in the single mom. He opens up to her about his breakup with Andi and her tell-all book. Josh explains that they split because they had very different values, and that she depicted him in a “false way” in her book. Amanda appreciates him coming clean about everything, and the two spend the rest of their date splashing around in the ocean.

Unfortunately, not everyone has Josh and Amanda’s chemistry. Evan is head over heels for Carly, but Carly wants to dodge him. She didn’t feel anything after their kiss and is hoping to avoid him. That plan doesn’t work because Evan receives a date card and asks her to join him. Although she clearly wants to say no, she accepts the date ­ — and almost immediately regrets it.

They’re surprised to find a large group of people and Chris Harrison on their date. Chris Harrison reveals that their date is to eat a hot pepper and break the record for the hottest, longest habanero kiss ever. It looks painful for both of them, but they manage to break the record. Evan’s happy about it … Carly not so much. She throws up afterwards and tells the cameras that it wasn’t just the pepper that made her gag … it was Evan.

Episode 2 ends with Emily and Jared sharing a kiss, and Josh returning to the house with Amanda. Nick confronts him about Amanda, and Josh explains that he joined the show to find love and doesn’t hold grudges. But Nick calls Josh an “a-- for no reason.” Things turn ugly when Josh and Amanda lock lips right in front of him.