Forget about love – episode 4 of “Bachelor in Paradise” will be all about drama! The new ABC reality series has been full of some hard goodbyes, and that won’t slow down as the show moves into its fourth week.

Episode 3 completely shocked viewers when Chris B. chose to eliminate himself after developing a steamy relationship with Elise. However the big twist came when he asked Elise to leave with him … and she accepted! Two bachelorettes were supposed to get sent home, but Chris B. chose to give Michelle a second chance to find love, and offered her his final rose to stay in the game.

According to the synopsis for episode 4, Michelle has no plans on wasting her second chance. However falling in love in paradise might be a little harder than she thought.

While Michelle’s heart was set on Robert, her decision to choose Marquel over him in the rose ceremony a couple weeks back completely jeopardized her chance with him. Robert will get a date card in episode 4, and even though the single mom wants the chance to prove herself to the dashing contestant, he’ll end up asking Sarah out for the romantic date. Michelle will reportedly be “devastated” and be forced to begin her search again to “connect with someone in paradise.”

Michelle won’t be the only one struggling on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Cody from Andi’s season of “The Bachelorette” will be one of the new arrivals in Mexico and already has his heart set on one contestant in particular – Clare. Armed with a date card, Cody will “make a hard sell” for Clare. However the bachelorette is already shacked up with Zack. Not wanting to ruin her budding romance, Clare will turn down Cody’s date offer.

Cody’s next move will surprise viewers on Monday night.

The synopsis teases that, “In the spirit of keeping romance alive, the kind-hearted Cody gives his date card to his friend, Marcus, so he can continue to build his blossoming relationship with Lacy.” Will Cody’s sweet gesture attract one of the single ladies in paradise? Or will the move end up getting him eliminated during his first week in Mexico?

Cody won’t be the only late arrival in episode 4. “Bachelor in Paradise” viewers will welcome Kalon of Emily’s season of “The Bachelorette.” Like Cody, Kalon will arrive in Mexico with a date card. The contestant, who was viewed as a “villain” on Emily’s season, will ask Michelle out for a romantic trip. Michelle will reluctantly accept, but decline before the date – leading Kalon to go on his date alone.

The late arrivals won’t end with Kalon. In another surprising twist, the “Bachelor in Paradise” cast will welcome an unprecedented third arrival – Jesse of Jillian’s season of “The Bachelorette.” Jesse will shake things up by asking Jackie out on a date – the same Jackie that got between Marquel and Danielle in episode 3. Turning the tables on Marquel, Jackie will accept Jesse’s date card. But with the ladies handing out roses in episode 4 – will Jackie choose Jesse or Marquel.

Meanwhile the drama will peak back at the “Bachelor in Paradise” house when AshLee “gets caught gossiping about Clare.” According to the synopsis, AshLee’s loose words will lead to an “epic confrontation.” However the girls may only be hurting themselves in the end when their “ugly sides” cause Graham and Zack to have some “serious concerns heading into the rose ceremony.”

Six women will be handing out roses and two men will be sent packing. And just like the previous few weeks, the episode 4 rose ceremony will be one you don’t want to miss. One bachelor will panic and run out “just as his name is being called” at the rose ceremony.”

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