Break out the bikini and put the daiquiri mix in the blender. Episode 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise” aired on ABC on Monday Aug. 18, introducing new cast members and new love triangles.

Episode 3 kicked off after the dramatic episode 2 rose ceremony that sent Dylan packing. And while Elise was happy clinging to Chris B., a large chunk of the group didn’t agree with the way she handled the Dylan drama. However no one had time to focus on the now defunct Elise, Dylan and Chris B. love triangle because a new cast member waltzed into paradise – Danielle from Juan Pablo’s season of “The Bachelor.”

Danielle came in with a date card and wanted to know about the couples in the house in order to not step on any toes, but Michelle told her to just go for it and ask the guy she was digging. Unfortunately for Michelle, the guy that Danielle was digging was none other than Marquel. Michelle had just handed Marquel a rose and told the cameras that she saw a future with him, so she was pretty surprised when Marquel accepted Danielle’s date offer.

But Michelle wasted no time in moving on. She immediately began planting the seed that she was interested in Robert and felt bad about not handing him a rose at the last ceremony. The only catch? Sarah had handed him a rose and was definitely interested in seeing where things could go with Robert.

Danielle and Marquel enjoyed a date exploring the city of Campeche. The pair enjoyed a dip in a private pool where Danielle opened up about her reasoning for joining “Bachelor in Paradise.” As Danielle explained, she joined the show because she wants to find someone – but she chose Marquel to go on the date because she developed a little crush on him after watching Andi’s season of “The Bachelorette.”

While Danielle and Marquel spent their date away from the others, another date card arrived at the house. AshLee desperately wanted the card for her and Graham, however the card ended up having Elise’s name on it. Elise immediately went to see Chris and before she could ask he said “yes.” But a twist of fate – or knee – put their date in jeopardy. After Elise left, Chris B. was walking and felt his knee pop. When the medics arrived they told him to stay off it, leaving Chris B. to fear that he wouldn’t be able to leave with Elise.

When it came down to it Chris B. sucked up the pain and left for an overnight with Elise. But Chris B. might have went on the date with ulterior motives. While Elise thought that she’s “blessed” to have found him and that he could be the one, Chris B. seemed to have his heart set on spending the night with Elise. Chris B. succeeded in getting Elise up to his room, however their overnight didn’t end too well – Elise had to take Chris B. to the hospital where he was told that he has a sprained ACL among other things.

Back at the “Bachelor in Paradise” house, Michelle is still freaking out about choosing Marquel over Robert. With the guys handing out the roses in episode 3, Michelle wants to make sure that Robert chooses her – so she hatches a plan with Clare in order to spend more time with him!

The pair decided to ask Zack and Robert out on a double date. And in order to “play nice,” Michelle decided to warn Sarah about her plan and to tell her that she was in no ways trying to mark territory. Sarah thanked Michelle for telling her, however she definitely wasn’t happy about it.

When Michelle was able to get Robert alone, she admitted that she was interested in pursuing a relationship with him and that she made a mistake with Marquel. But back at the house Sarah was crying over her insecurities of not being one of the “perfectly put together ‘Bachelor’ girls.”

Sarah was not the only one left insecure that night. Danielle returned from her date with Marquel feeling pretty confident about their mutual chemistry. However her night was turned upside down when Jackie from Sean’s season of “The Bachelor” showed up with a date card. Jackie didn’t think that Marquel was coupled up so she asked him out on the date – and to Danielle’s surprise, Marquel accepted. The pair spent the day exploring some ruins while getting to know each other. Like his date with Danielle, Marquel asked Jackie why she chose him. Jackie told him that he was really welcoming and that everyone else seemed really paired up. Marquel must have liked her answer because he went in for a kiss and she didn’t object.

Meanwhile, Graham wasn’t really enjoying being paired up with AshLee. He opened up to Michelle about being overwhelmed by AshLee and how she’s not interested in getting to know anyone else. However when AshLee got the fourth date card and asked Graham to go, he accepted.

Graham wanted to use the date to hammer out issues with AshLee, and all AshLee wanted to do was get closer to Graham. But Graham laid the rules out over their dinner date when a card arrived with two keys to separate hotel rooms. “Very appropriate,” he told AshLee. “This is the first date.” AshLee had her heart set on spending the night with Graham, but made up for it by grinding up on him after dinner.

Episode 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise” came to a close with the competition between cast members hotter than ever. Michelle and Sarah found themselves in a love triangle with Robert, while new arrivals Danielle and Jackie found themselves fighting over Marquel.

The men were up to hand out the roses in episode 3. Graham went first and handed his rose to AshLee. Zack went second and handed his rose to Clare. Marcus followed Zack and gave his rose to Lacy. Marquel was up fourth, leaving everyone on their toes waiting for his decision. After thinking about his relationship with Danielle and Jackie, Marquel chose to give Jackie the rose. Robert was up next, and was in the same position as Marquel, torn between Sarah and Michelle. Robert surprised Michelle by handing Sarah the rose. The final rose was up to Chris B., with Elise, Danielle and Michelle left standing. Chris B. called Elise up, giving a speech about how he has never felt this way before. However in a jaw dropping twist he told her that he couldn’t hand her the rose – because he wanted her to leave paradise with him. Elise accepted and the pair planned to leave – but not before Chris B. made one last speech.

Chris B. explained to the others that there was one person there who he believes deserves true love – Michelle. He handed the rose to a crying Michelle, and she accepted.

Danielle was sent packing, calling Marquel “Marq Hell” while in the car on the way out.