Where would “The Bachelorette” be without some drama? Desiree Hartsock and the 11 remaining guys are packing it up and going on a trip to Munich, Germany in episode five, and as Mike G says in the promo video … “Today is Armageddon.”

Since the start of season nine of the ABC reality show, Ben Scott has been made out to be the villain. However it appears that another contestant might land the title of villain after episode five – James.

“I am falling in love with Desiree,” James says in the episode teaser. “There are so many great things about her it’s hard not to.”

A definite sweet remark, the rest of the guys in the house believe it’s just a ploy for the cameras.

“James is not here for Des,” one of the contestants voices over in the promo. “James said if he plays the cards a certain way he’s going to come out as the next ‘Bachelor.’”

It sounds like the episode five is going to turn into a “he said, she said” type of situation. Kasey tells the guys in the house that James told him that “after being on the show I can introduce you to tall, good-looking women that have a lot of money.” With the rest of the group constantly confessing to the cameras how they’re falling in love with Desiree, they are obviously upset that a con-artist is stealing time away from them.

“I absolutely feel sick,” Drew says. “I mean she’s going to be crushed. She might just give up.” Brooks echoes his concern, telling the others that, “at the end of this there could be zero guys.”

But James isn’t the only one they’re worried about. Mike G. is still bent on ending Ben’s chances with Desiree. The bachelorette ends up on a group date with both Mike G. and Ben, and “it blows up quickly.”

“Ben is basically a fraud. She wants to expose him and she wants my help,” a potentially delusional Mike G. explains to the camera. “I’m going to call him out.”

Since it’s a two-on-one date only one of the men will remain in the running. Des reportedly says that she may let both guys go after the awkward encounter, but Reality Steve is claiming that Ben will end up as the unlucky one in the date.

As for Bryden? He’s reportedly going to be sending himself home early on in Munich. Des handed him a rose in episode four, asking if he could try to give it a chance, but Reality Steve believes that Bryden wasn’t being completely truthful when he told Desiree he “just wasn’t feeling it.” Reality Steve found a photo of Bryden kissing a girl named Becky Weidow that was posted a few days before he left for “The Bachelorette.”

Catch episode five of “The Bachelorette” on Monday, June 24 at 8 p.m.