Desiree Hartsock’s search for love continued on “The Bachelorette” Monday. Check out the top five moments from episode two.

Brooks' One-On-One Date

Brooks beat out the other contestants for a one-on-one date with Desiree, and it was definitely a little unusual. Wanting to show off her desire and passion to design wedding dresses, Desiree took Brooks to a wedding boutique to try on some tuxes and gowns. While some guys would have run after a first date ended up with the girl in a wedding dress, Brooks just went with it.

After finding outfits they both like, the pair spent a romantic afternoon hanging out on the Hollywood sign before having dinner on a bridge and a private performance from Andy Grammer. Between Brooks opening Desiree’s car door, picking her up in her dress, giving her his jacket, dancing with her and opening up about his parent’s divorce … we’re hooked!

Soulja Boy Rap Video

For Desiree’s group date, 14 of the guys got together for a special rap video with Soulja Boy – and it was ridiculous. Between Will’s dancing, Brandon’s “jingling of his junk” and Mikey T’s yelling for Ben to “fall off the mountain,” the video was definitely more of a goof than anything else.

Bizarre Group Time

Group time after the rap video took a turn for the bizarre when a couple of the guys tried to make a good impression.

Zak W.- Zak gave Desiree an antique journal. While that may seem like a special and thoughtful gift, what made it weird was that it had a note from a father to his daughter in the front of it.

Ben – Ben came off looking a little rude when he interrupted Mikey T. While it worked out in Ben’s favor when he got a rose from Des, he definitely got some bad blood stirring with the other contestants. “I get the politician feeling with you,” Mikey T. tells him, trying to clear the air. The two guys seem to work it out when Ben compliments Mikey’s shoes.

Brandon – “I was born and I had a mom and a dad.” Oh yeah?

Bryden’s Awkward Kiss

Bryden was awarded the second one-on-one date of the episode. Desiree took the army vet on a road trip to the beach and an orange grove before finishing up the evening with a romantic dinner in Ojai. But despite Desiree’s obvious interest in Bryden, he just couldn’t make the move – so Des helped him out! “Just kiss me already,” she tells him. Awkward!

It’s On With Ben

The guys in the house are completely fed up with Ben. Even after Mikey’s talk, Ben decided to interrupt Michael G. right in the middle of him telling Des about his type 1 diabetes.

Ben thinks that he swooped in because he “did what he had to do” for the relationship he has with Des. (Did anyone tell him he’s delusional?) But the other contestants seem to think that he has ulterior motives. “Haven’t heard about the son since night one,” Michael G. argues. “Wonder how he’s doing.”

So, who went home at the end of episode two? Will, Robert and Nick M! As Robert put it when he didn’t get a rose -- “It’s a nightmare, an absolute nightmare.”