“Bachelorette” fans better prepare for the new season nine villain -- and it’s not who you would expect! So, who are the guys threatened by in episode two? Ben Scott, the 28-year-old entrepreneur who brought along his four-year-old son to meet Desiree Hartsock.

Viewers will remember that Ben’s bold introduction to Desiree actually worked in his favor. “I know you’re probably wondering why I brought somebody that is much more handsome than me,” Ben said when he followed his son out of the limo. “But this is my everything, and I wanted you to know exactly who I am from day one. This is my best friend, my son, Brody.” The Texas native ended up winning the first impression rose. But while Ben may be in the right direction with Desiree, his fellow “Bachelorette” contestants are not too pleased.

In a preview clip of episode two, the guys in the house quickly turn on Ben when he steals Desiree away from Michael G., who just opened up to her about his struggle with type 1 diabetes.

“There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this,” the guys argued, upset that Ben’s safe for at least another week because of his rose. With the other contestants angry over Ben swooping in ahead of them, the 28-year-old is working his charm on Desiree. “I love hanging out with you,” he told her. “I love watching you smile. It’s beautiful. It really is.”

The guys decide to confront Ben about stealing Desiree from them, but he doesn’t seem to find anything wrong with his move. “I thought she was just in there by herself,” Ben explained. “I thought somebody already left.”

“But then you had the opportunity to still do the right thing when you saw that it wasn’t the case,” Michael G. argued. But it’s a moot point with the contestants already labeling Ben as “sneaky” and “disrespectful.”

In an attempt to warn Ben about some of the bad blood brewing, Michael told him, “You’re rubbing some of the guys in the house the wrong way.” If Michael’s confrontation was a way for him to try to open Ben’s eyes, it didn’t work. “I think everyone knows I’m really here for her,” Ben countered. "Because I do like her, and you don’t have to believe me.”

Watch the drama unfold in episode two of “The Bachelorette” on Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.